AGM 2018 minutes

Attendees: Committee – Chair Stan Jones, Geoff Pegg, Doug Meredith, Ian Burrell, and John Moore.
Apologies: Olga McBarnett, Selina Jackson, Bill Potts, John Symmons, David Gresswell, Val McPherson, Chris Jefferies and Roy Craig.

Stan Jones introduced himself, Brian Hill (Risborough NHW) and the two speakers, Inspector Peter Wall, Wycombe LPA, and Nicola Bell Manager at RAHAB.
He pointed out that although robbery and theft has crept up a bit this year it is still relatively low. The main problem we all face is still cons and scams. Every day a new confidence trick is invented and people still fall for them. According to Trading Standards, who we work closely with, within this area several people have been conned out of over £100,000, although they may start with small sums it slowly escalates. Just today Action Fraud sent out a warning of criminals pretending to be Action Fraud!
Apart from warning people of the threat the police can do little after the event as your money and the thieves could be in Russia, Egypt or anywhere else. The key is to be vigilant and don’t believe anything at face value. The main purpose of NHW is to provide you with information and contacts so you can feel safe in your neighbourhood. For example we have stickers stating “we do not buy at the door” that you can point to if anyone tries to sell at your doorstep and we can supply many other useful leaflets.

The Minutes of the previous AGM held on 3rd April 2017 were accepted.

Stan introduced our Director of Operations, Geoff Pegg, to report on the work done by the association during 2017.

The audited accounts were presented by the Treasurer, Ian Burrell. Although lower than last year, turnover was still healthy and donations received were more in line with our annual average. Lower costs have resulted in a net surplus of £875.51, resulting in reserves of £5163. Jennie Evans was proposed to continue as auditor by Ian Burrell, seconded by Eric Hambling and accepted unanimously.

The election was held for the Committee and Officers that was agreed to be carried out en-bloc. Details of current members, who offered to stand again, were available prior to the meeting. The new Committee was proposed by Ray Cox, seconded by Brian Spraggon and accepted unanimously. The election of officers, Geoff Pegg, Ian Burrell and Stan Jones was proposed by Roger Lawson and seconded by Eric Hambling and accepted unanimously. There being no other business the formal meeting was closed.

Nicola Bell, Manager and lead for Adult Exploitation and Modern Day Slavery at RAHAB, described the various crimes they covered many of which were very concerning. Examples were modern day slavery of people hand washing cars in inadequate clothing and below the minimum wage, and people trafficked in from abroad and exploited in domestic servitude or the sex industry. Inspector Peter Wall praised the work of the NHW Movement and its contribution to crime reduction, and would support our activities whenever possible. He picked up on the presentation by Nicola as he had been involved in such activities earlier in his career. He described the new structure in the Wycombe Police Area that had been proposed to make the best use of the reduced resources, although it had been recognised that Wycombe needs more staff and recruitment is under way. Crime has risen this year compared to last year but is still relatively low.

Stan thanked the speakers and Geoff for his unstinting efforts and closed the meeting.

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