The Queens’ Award for Voluntary Service

A proud moment for Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association (WDNHWA) took place on 18th September 2019 when the Association was awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.   The Queen’s Award was presented by Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, the Lord Lieutenant for Buckinghamshire, at a special ceremony held in The Guildhall, High Wycombe.  The award was accepted on behalf of the Association by our Chairman, Stan Jones, and Geoff Pegg, Director of Operations.   WDNHWA volunteers and local dignitaries were invited to the ceremony to witness the presentation. The award particularly recognised the hard work of volunteers to support those who had been affected by scams & cons.

After receiving the award, Stan Jones said:  “We were over the moon when we found out about the award and I feel very proud we had been recognised for this”.  He described how the Association had organised 65 seminars across the town to explain the dangerous nature of scams and how people can defend themselves against being conned.  As we all know, the scams come in all different forms from door knocking, phone calls, to emails, but always people are trying to get money under false pretences.

Following the presentation, Geoff Pegg added “Our main mission is crime prevention and, as everyone heard at the ceremony, a lot of people here have done so much to help those who are being conned and scammed.  The certificate we received was signed by the Queen, so it’s a very proud moment for the Association.”

Trading Standards ‘Hero’ Award

Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association (WDNHWA) is delighted to announce that their Director of Operations, Geoff Pegg, was presented with a Hero Award by Steve Baker MP on behalf of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute in recognition of his tireless work for consumer protection in the district.

Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards Service nominated Geoff, a Scam Champion, for the award which took place at a special ceremony in London on 25th June 2019.

Stan Jones, Chairman of WDNHWA, says “The CTSI Hero Award is thoroughly deserved as Geoff works ceaselessly for the safety of the people of the Wycombe District”.

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