Activity Report 2017

We have:

  • Remained self-funding from the sale of discounted crime prevention products.
  • Addressed 23 elderly groups re the risks from cons & scams (including DOSTI, an Asian ladies’ group).
  • Held 6 WDNHWA committee meetings.
  • Attended the three committee meetings and the AGM of Thames Valley Neighbourhood Watch Association.
  • Recruited one new member to our committee.
  • Concluded an arrangement with Selectamark whereby our members can buy Selecta DNA kits at reduced prices directly from them with a small commission for us.
  • Received £325 in referral fees from A-Plan Insurance in 2017.
  • Done 8 live interviews on local radio stations (Wycombe Sound, Marlow FM, and Awaaz Radio).
  • Attended a NHW review meeting with Wycombe District Council’s Community Safety Department and Thames Valley Police.
  • Attended a TVP / TVNHWA Strategy Meeting at TVP’s HQ in Kidlington.
  • Met the Wycombe LPA Commander for a general review of the NHW / TVP relationship.
  • Held table displays on 11 occasions in various public locations.
  • Held the first 4 of a new sequence of general public Cons, Scams, & Cyber-crime Awareness Meetings.
  • Held 2 review meetings re the NHW scheme at the Students’ Union for Bucks New University.
  • Held 2 general NHW meetings at Godstowe School, High Wycombe, with invited speakers.
  • Held 8 table displays outside the main mosques in High Wycombe overlapping Friday prayers.
  • Started 21 new schemes involving 29 new Co-ordinators in 2017.



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