Security products for sale

24hr Timer Switch £  3.50
Bag/all purpose alarm £  4.00
Card Defenders (£0.70 each for 5 items or more) £ 1.00
Card Defenders – Diamond (£2.50 each for 5 items or more) £  3.00
Decoy CCTV Camera £  7.50
Permanent UV / Black Marker Pen £0.50
Prikka strips £  1.10
Purse Dipping Bell £  0.50
Padlock Alarm £ 12.00
PIR Sensor Alarm £ 10.00
Safe Can/Safe Book £  4.00/£7.50
Signal Blocker £  4.00
Signal Blocker – Mini £  3.00
TV Simulator £15.00
Window shock alarm £  4.00

Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association is a non profit making organisation and proceeds from sales help towards the running of the association. If you are interested in buying any of these products please contact us by completing and sending the form below;

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