Events & News

Forthcoming meetings;

    • 06.03.18 : GP to talk to staff at Downley Lodge (care home), 2.00pm. 
    • 09.03.18 : GP & SJ with table display at Imam Ali Center, High Wycombe, time to be confirmed.
    • 12.03.18 : GP with table display at Marlow Bottom Info Evening at Burford School, from 8.00pm.
    • 20.03.18 : GP to address DOSTI, an Asian ladies’ group, at Wycombe Museum, from 10.45am.
    • 27.03.18 : GP & DG to hold Cons, Scams & Cyber-crime Awareness Meeting, Christ Church, Flackwell Heath, from 2.00pm.
    • 29.03.18 : GP to talk to participants of tea party at Micklefield Library, High Wycombe, 2.30pm.
    • 04.04.18 : GP to address M&S Retirement Group at Wesley Methodist Church, Priory Road, High Wycombe, 2.00pm.
    • 11.04.18 : GP to address Parkinsons UK, Amersham Branch, at Amersham Free Church, 2.30pm.
    • 24.04.18 : WDNHWA, AGM, at Trinity United Reformed Church, London Road, High Wycombe, 7.30pm.
    • 26.04.18 : GP to address Marlow Bottom Annual Parish Meeting, 7.30pm.
    • Our next AGM will be held at Trinity United Reformed Church, London Road, High Wycombe, HP11 1BJ, on Tuesday, 24th April 2018, from 7.30pm.  Details of the invited speakers will be announced in due course.


  • Several new Neighbourhood Watch schemes have started in High Wycombe since February 2017;
    Trinity Court, Wethered Road, Marlow,
    London Road (part), High Wycombe,
    Stuart Road, High Wycombe,
    Aveling Road, High Wycombe,
    Blyton House, Bourne End,
    New Road (part), High Wycombe,
    Grange Drive, High Wycombe,
    New Road & Lower Ridge, Bourne End,
    Wellesbourne House, Kingshill Grange Estate, High Wycombe,
    Meadow Close, Marlow,
    Wycombe Road, Marlow,
    Old Kiln Road, Flackwell Heath,
    Piddington Lane, Wheeler End,
    Romero Court, Olympic Way, High Wycombe
    Woodcock Avenue, Walters Ash,
    Queen Street, High Wycombe,
    Kingswood Park, High Wycombe,
    Melrose Court, Coningsby Road, High Wycombe,
    Frank Lunnon Close, Bourne End,
    Firview Close, Marlow,
    Gladstone Rise, High Wycombe,
    New Road (lower part), High Wycombe.

A general Neighbourhood Watch meeting was held on 25th October at Godstowe School. Our speakers were Rebecca Reid, ‘Prevent’ Education Officer, WDC, on educating against radicalisation and violent extremism, Geoff Pegg of WDNHWA on cons and scams, and Neil Priddy, A-Plan Insurance, on the benefits for members with their motor and household insurance. Many thanks to everyone who attended.

WDNHWA has a table display of useful crime prevention leaflets outside one of the main mosques in High Wycombe (Jubilee Road, Castlefield, & Totteridge Road) by rotation, overlapping the time of Friday prayers – weather permitting during the summer, spring, and autumn.

WDNHWA is delighted to announce that a new NHW scheme has been started for the 4000 students of Bucks New University who live in the town. Despite the relative safety of our district for students, they are often targeted by thieves and it is hoped that this scheme will help keep them as safe as possible. This is by far the largest NHW scheme in Wycombe, and it is run by the Volunteers Department of the Students’ Union, who aim to extend it to those elsewhere in the district very soon.

We are sponsored by

mid coop community fund logo (2)

A-Plan - Strapline - 1788 425

If there is something you would like to see featured on this page please let us know!

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