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Forthcoming meetings;
General NHW meeting:
Godstowe School on Thursday, 30th May, from 7.30pm.
Our guest speaker is John Barlow, Chairman of the TVP Independent Advisory Group.
We look forward to seeing you there.

  • 06.06.19 : GP to address Lane End Older People’s Action Group re cons & scams at Lane End Community Centre from 2.00pm (as a public meeting).
  • 25.09.19 : GP to address U3A re cons & scams at Lacey Green Millenium Hall from 2.15PM.

The Annual General Meeting of Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association took place on Thursday, 2nd May, from 7.30pm.  We were delighted to have these guest speakers:  Korinne Leney, Area Manager, Community Engagement & Development Communities, Bucks County Council; Inspector Pete Wall,  Neighbourhood Inspector, Wycombe Local Police Area.

Community Safety Champions Rewarded

Geoff Pegg, director of operations at the Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association, and Stan Jones, Chairman, were presented with certificates at Bucks County Council’s AGM on 17 May 2018, registering the group as an official Friends Against Scams organisation.

Friends Against Scams is a national Trading Standards initiative which aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims of scams by encouraging communities to take a stand by empowering them to recognise and know how to deal with potential scams.

The presentation also recognised Geoff’s personal commitment to the cause and his work in overseeing the training of members of the High Wycombe group to proactively go out and speak to local communities about how to protect themselves.

  • Several new Neighbourhood Watch schemes have started in High Wycombe since April 2018;
    Melrose Court, Coningsby Road, High Wycombe,
    Pimms Grove, High Wycombe,
    North Dean (for the village),
    Priory Avenue, High Wycombe,
    Brimmer’s Hill (part), Widmer End,
    Woodland Close, High Wycombe,
    Primrose Hill (part), Widmer End,
    Pimms Grove, High Wycombe,
    Radnage Common Road, Radnage,
    Green End Road, Radnage,
    Bottle Square Lane, Radnage,
    Threlkeld Close, High Wycombe,
    Wycombe Road (part), High Wycombe,
    City Road, Radnage,
    Sprigs Holly Lane, Radnage,
    Totteridge Lane (part), High Wycombe,
    Kennedy Avenue, High Wycombe,
    Robertson Place, High Wycombe,
    Beech Street, High Wycombe,
    Peel Lodge, Dean St, Marlow,
    Arnison Avenue (part), High Wycombe,
    Totteridge Road (part), High Wycombe,
    Salisbury Road, High Wycombe,
    Raven Road, Stokenchurch,
    Coopers Court Road, Stokenchurch,
    Eaker Street, High Wycombe,
    Fisherman’s Retreat, Marlow,
    Marlow Bottom Road (part),
    Cressington Place, Bourne End.

Meeting at Godstowe School, October 2018. As well as visitors having the opportunity to raise issues and concerns in their areas, we were pleased to welcome  guest speakers: Sarah Woodward, Training Lead for One Recovery Bucks, the adult substance misuse service for Bucks; and Robin Mugridge, Scheme Co-ordinator of High Wycombe First Responder Scheme.  Many thanks to our speakers and everyone who attended. 

WDNHWA is delighted to announce that a new NHW scheme has been started for the 4000 students of Bucks New University who live in the town. Despite the relative safety of our district for students, they are often targeted by thieves and it is hoped that this scheme will help keep them as safe as possible. This is by far the largest NHW scheme in Wycombe, and it is run by the Volunteers Department of the Students’ Union, who aim to extend it to those elsewhere in the district very soon.

WDNHWA has a table display of useful crime prevention leaflets outside one of the main mosques in High Wycombe (Jubilee Road, Castlefield, & Totteridge Road) by rotation, overlapping the time of Friday prayers – weather permitting during the summer, spring, and autumn.

We are sponsored by

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