Neighbourhood Watch

WDNWA - Logo 2016

There are almost 1,000 voluntary Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators in the High Wycombe district, who have spent years helping keep their neighbours safe – safe from prowlers, car thieves, burglars, rogue traders, bogus callers, fraudsters, scammers and the many dodgy dealers who prey on the vulnerable and unwary in their own homes. With national statistics indicating that up to 85% of crime is preventable, WDNHWA acts as a dedicated ‘middleman’ between the police and the locals, spreading simple yet effective strategies to reduce the opportunities for common crimes and anti-social behaviour, and also to reduce the fear of crime that may blight some neighbourhoods.

WDNHWA is one of the most successful in the region, with around double the coverage as in Reading and four times the coverage as Milton Keynes.

If you would like to find out more about Neighbourhood Watch in the High Wycombe district please contact us using the form below;

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4 Responses to Neighbourhood Watch

  1. David Audcent says:

    Very helpful and usable site. Beautiful choice of photographs as headings. Congratulations on a well set out and attractive website and hopefully an enlargement of your database of NW groups as a result. Simplicity is the key and you have achieved that wonderfully.
    David Audcent.,

  2. Sue Cavalier says:

    Completely agree. Great site, well thought out, well done Selina. Love the fact that it spells out exactly how to start a scheme with lots of ideas & support available. The links are also really useful, a one stop shop to keeping yourself safe.
    Sue Cavalier

  3. valerie letheren says:

    Well done and I am sure this will be a very useful addition to the work of WDNWA
    Val Letheren

  4. David Gresswell says:

    Looks very good – should help our cause!

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