Feeling safer at home

Research shows two thirds (67%) of people are worried about their home being broken into, yet there are simple, proven measures we can all take to reduce our chances of becoming a victim of burglary by up to 50%. 

To help you be and feel safer at home, Think WIDE! 
At Neighbourhood Watch, we also believe neighbours keeping an eye out for each other is key to reducing burglary, so we’ve extended the WIDE acronym to WIDE(N): 

W: WINDOWS: Keep your windows locked 
I: INTERIOR: Put inside lights on a timer/smart bulb 
D: DOORS: Double or deadlock your doors 
E: EXTERIOR: Put outside lights on a sensor 
(N): NEIGHBOURS: Keep an eye out for your neighbours. 

With the approach of longer daylight hours and hopefully warmer weather, now is the time to consider the possible crime problems which may come with the new season. Garden crime is an unfortunate reality. 

By following a few  tips you can help ‘weed out’ garden thieves. 
• Has your shed survived the winter without damage which could help a thief gain access? If not, don’t delay – fix it now!  
• If possible, screen the windows with a grille, wire mesh or even curtains to prevent access and deter casual viewing.  
• As extra security for your shed, buy and fit ‘ground anchors’ to chain orshackle bikes, lawnmowers and especially ladders.  
Consider investing in an alarm to protect your shed- they are available from us, via office@wdnhwatch.plus.com  
• Remember: household insurance policies should be checked to ensure they cover garden and shed equipment and whether or not any minimum security standards apply. 
The boundaries of your property are your first line of defence against burglars. Strong gates, fences and walls which are kept in good repair can deter intruders from getting in. 
Make sure: 
• Rear garden fences are high enough to make climbing them difficult.  
• Side gates are positioned as close to the front of the house as possible.  
• Grow your own security! plants, such as Berberis, Holly and Hawthorn may help deter thieves, particularly around vulnerable areas such as windows, fences and drainpipes.  
• Let there be light! Well positioned lighting is a great way of keeping intruders at bay and can be purchased from most large DIY stores. Security lights with movement sensors and lights which automatically come on when it gets dark are particularly good. 

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