Protect your home


Protect your home with these simple devices

We have a good range of simple and useful anti-crime devices that could help protect you from opportunistic thieves, and if you would like to learn more about any of them, contact us using the form at the bottom of the page;

First of all are window stickers – they just say No Cold Callers and they remind sales people coming to your door that they shouldn’t disturb you.

There is an excellent alarm designed to protect shed doors against forced entry. It comes with a 4-digit keypad code, entry/exit delay, sensitivity control, 3 AAA batteries and a very loud siren! £10. Also new is an alarmed padlock, with shock and movement sensor, a powerful 110 decibel siren, keypad, a battery powered and weather-resistant hardened Zinc Alloy body, hardened steel shackle, anti-muffle design, which costs £14. We also have window alarms that you place on a glass door or window, it has a vibration sensor which triggers an alarm if the glass is shattered or banged, and these cost £4.

Marking valuables with an indelible ink pen and warning stickers on your door are a good way to deter opportunistic thieves.  SelectaDNA is a liquid only visible under UV light that you can use like ink to put a mark on the items, but inside the liquid are micro-dots that contain a unique code that is registered to the owner and which the police can read. The liquid also comes with warning stickers to put on your door or windows, and tamper-proof stickers to go on larger items, alerting would-be burglars to the risks of taking anything from the house as it is all marked. Each Selecta DNA kit can mark around 50 items and costs £23.

Supplies of Neighbourhood Watch door stickers and street signs

If your Neighbourhood Watch street sign is missing, damaged or just looking tatty we have plenty of spare stock to replace it with, and if you need more supplies of the No Cold Callers and Neighbourhood Watch window stickers for your members, cards with the new non-emergency police number 101, or No Doorstep Selling Zone street signs, please do get in touch by emailing or completing the form below;


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