Committee Meeting Minutes

Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association 

Notes of the committee meeting held on 16/11/22 by Zoom 

Attendees: Stan Jones (chairman), Geoff Pegg (Director of Operations), Caterina Dodero, Jennifer Swallow, Eric Hambling, Ray Cox and Ian Burrell (Treasurer). 

Apologies: David Alder. 

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting. 

Chairman’s Introduction:  

To raise the profile of WDNHWA over the next few months, we need to have tables at appropriate events. The upcoming one at Flackwell Heath was mentioned. Also Christmas fairs were a possibility. Any other suggested events please. Also any further ideas welcome. Action all 

We could utilise National Projects such as the Community Safety Charter, ring doorbells in “hot” areas as Slough has done, David Alders home security surveys (possibly linked to victim support), and helping TVP identify modern slavery. These should be raised with Insp. Steve Bobbett. PCC money is available for good ideas. 

Notes of the meeting of 28/9/22 were accepted as accurate.  

Matters arising:  

The date for the introduction of Visav V4 by TVP is still imminent and training is available. The work to get coordinators mapped is suspended during the transfer. Stan has asked Paul Adkins if Eric and Jennifer could cover the whole of S Bucks. Awaiting answer.  

David Alder has asked TVNHWA for expenses for volunteers carrying out security checks. Only Stan and Val McPherson have volunteered in S Bucks so far. 

The Rotary Club are not happy with the present leaflets. Their committee members should be asked to look at the local areas they live in to expand membership there. Action Geoff 

We were about to pursue the preparation of a video for regular training of PCSOs and cadets at Sulhampton, with someone from NHW to be available to answer questions when available. However, recently Paul Adkins was recorded visiting Sulhampton to do the same thing, so it is possible the action has been taken over by TVNHWA. Hold off until clarified. Action Stan 

As we received £400 from A-plan earlier this year, we will leave chasing them for a bit as they don’t seem to be getting much business from NHW and some doubt about their competitiveness although we will continue to advertise them.  

Jennifer had a contact in BFP & she will check what would interest them. Stan would be happy to meet a journalist to explore ideas. Action Jennifer/Stan 

It was thought Shafait was going to recruit a deputy so we need to have a meeting with him. Action Geoff/Stan 

Stan had a meeting with BNU staff member, Matthew Rogers, who indicated he would like to be a coordinator on the teaching side. He did not know about the community meetings Stan used to attend so he was sent a copy of previous minutes for info. The Community Safety Charter was also raised, and he was given a number of roundels for student lodgings. There were no paper newsletters in reception, so they are probably only digital. He would like to have a discussion on details with Geoff. Action Geoff 

The need for a new folder to have as a handout was discussed. Geoff has a few old ones and would check with our printers what is available and cost. 

Action Geoff 

Stan checked with Cheryl at NO regarding videos and sent the data to Ray and Eric. 

Stan was getting no response from NO on our charter sign-ups. 

Operations Director’s Report:  

GP had sent out his report to committee members ahead of the meeting.  

Geoff’s workload was discussed as he would have less time to spend on NHW over the next few months. Recruiting new schemes was a priority. We need to get the new leaflets out. PCSOs would help but committee members are asked to help if free. It is more difficult to get volunteers universally, as the pandemic unwinds with people still nervous of socialising. Jennifer suggested we might have to rethink our way of working to achieve our objectives in different ways. Maggie Lewis in Oxford uses media with numbers of users not being formal members, and we could get people to sign up on the database without necessarily becoming members. Jennifer suggested we work on our vision, values and objectives – and update our website with them. The existing constitution would be the starting point. Geoff will send a copy to her.    Action Geoff/Jennifer 

Ray questioned the effect of our tables outside shops/mosques. We tend to use the same few sites so don’t get as wide an exposure as we might. We need to find more sites. Action all 

Treasurer’s Report:  

The up-to-date accounts had been circulated by Ian.  

Sales to date were lower than previous years. We have a healthy balance and access to TVNHWA PCC funds if committee members had any ideas how we could spend it to forward our aims.  Action all         

Further Zoom Seminars     

It was agreed the next seminar would be second half of January, 19.30 to 20.30. Stan would give an intro. Ray had sent out a list of topics and videos for comment. Speedwatch would be optional at the end. Action Ray/Eric/Geoff 

Local Reports:  

Generally in Wycombe burglaries are increasing. 

Hazlemere: Quiet. 

Mosques: Becoming weather dependent over the next couple of months. 

Hughenden: Covering 7 villages in September: 2 violence, 2 thefts, 1 burglary, 1vehicle crime, 1ASB – relatively quiet. 

Stokenchurch: Quiet. 


Caterina has generated several articles that have been distributed to various newsletters. Geoff is still giving radio interviews with Madeleine Howe also involved. The short form recruitment fliers are being finalised. Caterina and Jennifer to decide on the final version. Ray suggested the fliers might be put as inserts in local newsletters, but letters might be better as inserts are so common many would end up in a bin.  

Jennifer is still working on the website, aiming to make it easy to navigate with regular news items. It should have links to deals for members. When it is ready push via Alert. 

Liaison Updates:   

BIDCO – Stan attended a Shopwatch meeting and presented the Charter which seemed well received. Shoplifting is a huge problem in Wycombe. 

TV Police – Next meeting with Steve Bobbett tomorrow – Ray suggested raising long Alerts particularly since many read them on phones. 

TVNHWA – very little teamworking in the committee. 


Need to sell the vision to get more committee members. 

Youth Engagement  

Maybe we should focus on youth organisations such as scouts/cadets. Also could try BNU via Matthew Rogers. 

AOB We need clarity if people sign up as residents not NHW members can they be seen by us? We should ask the police to put out an Alert asking them to join pointing out benefits. 

Next meetings: 24th January, 7 March, 2 May, 4 July, 5 Sept, 7 Nov. 

Stan 28/11/22

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