Latest Committee Meeting Minutes

Wycombe District Neighbourhood Watch Association 

Notes of the committee meeting held on 24/1/23 by Zoom

Attendees: Stan Jones (chairman), Geoff Pegg (Director of Operations), Caterina Dodero, Shafait Ali, Eric Hambling, Ray Cox and Ian Burrell (Treasurer).

Apologies: Jennifer Swallow, Anisa Shaik and David Alder.

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

Chairman’s Introduction:

There are a number of problems to iron out in V4, such as the limited coverage raised in Jennifer’s recent e-mail, with it being unclear who to approach -National, Visav or TVNHWA. Geoff has had success with National to put things back where they were. There was a discussion about numbers of coordinators we have “lost”. Fortunately Jennifer has a list of coordinators on V3 but we have to ensure they are active before we map them. Around 330 are classed as Temp (unmapped) and a further 170 “lost” and 500 cleared and mapped. It was suggested the work on contacting to check they are still active could be split amongst the committee if e-mails/phone numbers were available. (since the meeting Stan has spoken to Visav about area coordinators who recommended they are all made MSAs of their particular area, which will require National/TVNHWA to cooperate). The risk we have is a number of coordinators carrying on without knowing they had been “cancelled”. Eric suggested they would be reverted to member and get the messages but otherwise vanish.

Further to Jennifer’s e-mail, the website needs updating with simpler Vision and Aims. Geoff has sent the constitution to Caterina and Jennifer as a basis. A Zoom meeting should be organised to discuss. Action Caterina/Jennifer

Notes of the meeting of 16/11/22 were accepted as accurate.

Matters arising:

With the better weather coming we need to have tables at appropriate events. Any suggested events including indoor ones such as village halls please, such as the one Geoff and Stan had at GK described in Geoff’s report. The Coronation is a possibility, but we don’t tend to do well at “jolly” events. HSA has done reasonably at Napfest previously. Any further ideas welcome. We will attend Shafait’s event on 20/21 April. Action all

TVNHWA has taken responsibility for PCSO training at Sulhampton, but we will look after training S Bucks cadets. Action Geoff/Stan

Geoff and Stan had the meeting with Shafait who said he would be able to engage more in the future.

The “simply safer” leaflet is too wordy so a briefer version is being worked on by Caterina. The draft will be circulated for comment. Action Caterina

Geoff has still to meet with Matthew Rogers of BNU who will be a coordinator for the staff side. We still have a link with the Union via reception but they have not recruited a Union rep yet. Geoff keeps in touch. Action Geoff

We have agreement from TVNHWA that they will pay for stickers for the new folders. Action Geoff

It was proposed that we ask the police to suggest people on their “residents” Visav database to join NHW. Raise at the next Insp Bobbett meeting.

Action Geoff and Stan

Operations Director’s Report:

GP had sent out his report to committee members ahead of the meeting.

Geoff has contacted Chris Pooler of A-Plan for an improved text on our website but has had no answer. It is getting questionable whether we should continue working with them. Stan and Geoff to set up a meeting in the medium term to discuss. Action Geoff and Stan

Treasurer’s Report:

The 2022 year end accounts had been circulated by Ian.

We made a surplus of £860, which is more than projected, but is in part due to the sale of written down stock. £400 of the £470 donations came from A-Plan covering 2 years.

We have a healthy balance and access to TVNHWA PCC funds if committee members had any ideas how we could spend it to forward our aims. Action all

Further Zoom Seminars    

Date still to be established. Stan will give an intro, then there will be two TVP videos, Bucks Search & Rescue & CSW videos, Wycombe Homeless short video then James Boultbee answering questions. Lastly David Alder’s video covering the Home Security checklist – about 75 minutes overall. Ray will provide the continuity. Ray will send the link around 2/3 weeks in advance. Action Ray/Eric/Geoff

Local Reports

Hazlemere: Quiet, apart from a couple of cases of identity theft. We need to broadcast the problem of criminals searching bins for information and advise people to use a shredder on anything useful to assume their identity.

Hughenden: Several NHW short articles in the 5 local newsletters. Eric has done a great job mapping coordinators in GK – 19 schemes with 24 coordinators, but difficult to get to the residents in the adjacent area.

Mosques: We will start tables again when the weather improves. The police have asked to join us when we attend.


Ray will give Caterina some details of the identity threats for an article/Alert. There is some material on the National website that will need shortening and localising. Caterina also mentioned the Advent Calendar with short safety tips in December. We now have 64 followers on Instagram and 26 on Facebook. Jennifer is still working on the website, aiming to make it easy to navigate with regular news items. It should have links to deals for members. When it is ready push via Alert. Action: Ray/Caterina/Jennifer

Liaison Updates:

National – We have only managed to get 8 organisations signed up so everyone should try to get some more local ones such as shops. Stan will keep trying to push it at the Shopwatch meetings. They are sending round new packs for new coordinators and we might print some off as handouts.

TV Police – The topics Stan and Geoff discuss with Inspectors Bobbett and Ellis will be circulated to committee members. Action Geoff

Trading Standards – Regular newsletter received but no recent contact.

Youth Engagement/Youth Watch

Stan raised the possibility of a Youth Watch scheme at Pipers Corner School with the bursar. Need to check what material National have. Action Stan

Wycombe Action for Youth meets at the central library and Geoff is in contact with the organiser with a view to introducing NHW. There is also another contact from Anisa. Action Geoff

AOB The AGM will be held on 26th April via Zoom

Next meetings: 7 March, 2 May, 4 July, 5 Sept, 7 Nov.

Stan 3/2/23

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