Notes of the committee meeting held on 19/7/22 by Zoom

Attendees: Stan Jones (chairman), Geoff Pegg (Director of Operations), Caterina Dodero, Jennifer Swallow, Ray Cox, Eric Hambling and Ian Burrell (Treasurer).


Chairman’s Introduction:

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

Covid remains a problem as does the recent heatwave reducing the numbers at events such as the last one in Booker. However, our presence outside shops and mosques has increased.

More work has been done to push the Community Charter which has now been opened nationally.

Notes of the meeting of 17/5/22 were accepted as accurate.

Matters arising:

The date for the introduction of Visav V4 by TVP was said to be between June and Sept, and there is no further information. The work to get coordinators mapped has stalled.            

Discussions with the Rotary Club continue. They make deliveries in areas such as Micklefield so could deliver recruitment leaflets for us. The suitability of the WDNHWA leaflets was questioned.                                                           GP

On the subject of PCSO and cadet training in NHW activities, the meeting with Sulhampton staff concluded that a video should be prepared for regular training with someone from NHW attending when possible to answer questions. The first session would be in person to get some feedback. In the meanwhile, such training will be given to South Bucks cadets on 22nd September.               GP/SJ

Stan will raise the possibility of an annual donation based on volume of repeat business with A-plan.                                                                                    SJ

Anyone having an interesting article should circulate it to the committee as there are a lot of local newsletters asking for copy so we can all write short pieces and Caterina can also distribute them.                                            All

If we generate our own digital newsletter Caterina will need help on the layout. Monthly might be too often, so ad hoc when we have enough material might be a start. We would need pictures to maintain interest that could be lifted from Facebook etc. as the recent ones outside the mosques. We would need to generate a list of recipients in addition to coordinators.                       CD/GP

The next BIDCO meeting has been postponed until September.                    SJ

Regarding succession planning, it was thought Shafait was going to recruit a deputy so that needs to be followed up. The Rotary Club might also help.        GP

Operations Director’s Report:

GP had sent out his report to committee members ahead of the meeting.

We need to meet the new Chief Inspector Alex Ash. We will raise it at our next Steve Bobbett meeting.                                                                         SJ/GP

Treasurer’s Report:

The up-to-date accounts had been circulated by Ian.

We have a healthy balance and access to TVNHWA PCC funds if committee members had any ideas how we could spend it to forward our aims.           All

Further Zoom Seminars    

Ray stated that the next one is being proposed for late September.

Future Events

Geoff tabled the list of forthcoming events


Discussed under matters arising.

Local Reports:

Hazlemere: Quiet.

Mosques: Again there have been several table events recently with membership forms completed but the return is still not very high. 

Hughenden: From the police website the Hughenden parish suffered 21 crimes in May, the latest data; 5 acts of violence, 3 burglaries, 2 ASB, 2 Criminal damage and 7 others. Some 10 coordinators have been mapped in Great Kingshill, but difficult to get responses.

Stokenchurch: Nothing to report.

Liaison Updates: 

TVNHWA – A working group has been set up to oversee the projects funded by the PCC.

IAGs – Stan is setting up an NAIAG SER sub-group to cover the five Force Areas

National NHW – We continue to try to get organisations to sign up to the Community Charter that has now gone national.

TV Police – Stan now attends the new Community in Policing meetings Chief Supt. Grint has set up.

Succession Planning

Expansion into poorly represented areas – We have put leaflets through the doors of some flats in central Wycombe as suggested by BIDCO (more have been suggested) but no response. PCSOs have delivered some in Micklefield and have been given a further 900 to deliver, but PCSO numbers are low. As reported by Geoff we had a meeting with Clr. Andrea Baughan to discuss further initiatives in Micklefield.

Youth Involvement:

We need to keep pushing Bucks New Uni as we have lost contact. We will now have to leave school contacts until the Autumn term.                                      GP


Geoff wished to make it known that he wanted to avoid taking on any more commitments and perhaps someone might take on some of his roles.  Recruitment of new schemes was mentioned as one subject.

Next meetings: 13th Sept and 15th November.

Stan 28/7/22

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