Minutes Committee meeting18/1/22 by Zoom

Attendees: Stan Jones (chairman), Geoff Pegg (Director of Operations), Caterina Dodero, Jennifer Swallow, Safait Ali, Ray Cox, Eric Hambling, and Ian Burrell (Treasurer).
Apologies: Olga McBarnett.

Chairman’s Introduction
The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting. Covid was likely to remain a problem with the new variant, so there is no urge to increase face-to-face meetings. We are losing touch with our coordinators as face-to-face meetings are difficult, as Stan has discovered when trying to contact his to do mapping. Geoff mentioned that of the 9 uncontactable coordinators recently he would only expect to get half back by direct contact.

Stan raised the issue of the increase in burglaries, somewhat expected in the darker months. They were particularly in West Wycombe Road, Booker, Cressex, Micklefield and Marlow. Ray suggested Ring doorbells might deter them.

Notes of the meeting of 16/11/21 were accepted as accurate.

Matters arising:
Because of the pandemic we have in some respects lost two years so we should continue to consider using one-to-one Zoom for coordinator recruitment.

Eric had sent around the general NHW presentation. Stan had attended a national NHW fraud seminar with some short videos that might be useful.

Still no replacement coordinator at the Uni has been appointed and Geoff has been told to contact the reception number.                                                         

Joe Leatherbarrow of A-Plan has delegated the link to NHW to the local level. Some LPAs are working together, and the latest contact Geoff has had with the local office is more promising. There is still some confusion of the impact of the new law on discounts.

The website needs updating with new pictures and more up-to-date content so it is of interest to existing members but also to attract new ones. Jennifer said she would be willing to get involved. To be progressed at the next meeting.

Caterina, Jennifer, Ray and Geoff make up the Media WG. The Facebook and Instagram sites are up and running. Ray also offered to make suggestions to improve the website. We all need to generate short articles to put on our and other’s websites so we get more publicity. Maggie Lewis (Oxford) and Angie Money (West Berks) have very active media sites and might be able to advise us.                                                                                                                
There are still no dates for the introduction of Visav V4 by TVP. Jennifer and Geoff have continued to work to get coordinators mapped and to date the number has increased to 523 mapped coordinators and 281 not mapped.       JS

There will be a meeting with the Rotary Club in Mid February and they are interested in supporting us.                                                                        GP

A few Alerts have been sent out by the two trained PCSOs.

The police Problem Solving Hub is not the easiest to use but Jennifer is more familiar with it. More training would help.

The Ourwatch Hub is easier to get around and contains an increasing amount of useful information.

Whether it will be face-to-face or virtual is not certain, but the idea of a small group (committee + speakers) getting together and the bulk of attendees on Zoom would give flexibility. Christchurch in Flackwell Heath would be a possible venue. The evening of Tuesday 26th April was selected. Geoff will check availability of the venue. Speakers need to be identified.              GP/SJ

Operations Director’s Report:
GP had sent out his report to committee members ahead of the meeting.  

The training of PCSOs and Cadets on NHS was agreed by Insp. Bobbitt.          GP

The police have recently been introducing potential coordinators to Geoff triggered by ASB.

Treasurer’s Report:  
Our Treasurer, Ian Burrell, had sent out the draft year-end financial report.

Sales in 2021were remarkably high considering Covid, some 75% on card and phone defenders. Some issues with the police giving away products we charge for, but usually limited impact.

Further Zoom Seminars
Ray reported general interest shown in house burglaries and Community Speedwatch. He would be happy to organise another seminar say in May/June. We need new material such as used by Mark Gotland or Natalie Webb of TS. Geoff has a video of bank cashpoint scams.                     RC

Local Reports:
Hazlemere: Quiet. Work being done to propose 20mph limits on certain roads.

Mosques: Micklefield mosque is now on board, with the Imam signed up as coordinator as well as his administrator. Shafait will arrange for mosque coordinators to have deputies at the 3 main mosques. Relevant Alert messages will be picked up and raised at Friday’s meetings. The CADO (new) also provides such information. Burglaries are the present concern.

Hughenden: The NAG is now disbanded with traffic related issues going to the PC and the rest to the Hughenden Street Association.

The HSA committee will hopefully be bolstered with NHW representatives to cover the crime and fear of crime issues. Stan is working on mapping coordinators.

Stokenchrch: Quiet.

Publicity & Website:
Selina is unwell but is keeping the website up to date. Jennifer can also update the website if necessary.                    

Liaison Updates: 
PCC – Following three unsuccessful attempts to get donations from the “Proceeds of Crime” fund, Matthew Barber has stated he will fund TVNHWA from a separate pot, which is very good news.

The “Victims of Crime” initiative is subcontracted to TV Partnership whose chief exec is ex ACC Nikki Ross. We have the “victims first” leaflets that we can use to signpost any appropriate victim or witness. Stan has a supply.

TVP – The new Neighbourhood Chief Superintendent, Katy Barrow-Grint is very supportive of NHW and wants to see more consistency accross TV.

National NHW – The latest initiative is to include businesses in NHW. The Community Charter is mainly about reducing ASB and harassment by companies/institutions pledging to work against them. Wycombe has been asked to be a pilot and Stan is raising it with some organisations to see the reaction. Stan will send round the paperwork.

TVNHWA – Stan will be stepping down as chairman at the May AGM. Unfortunately, so will the secretary and treasurer. Recruitment is on-going.

Succession Planning – We should consider putting out an Alert asking for more committee members. Although personal contact is more effective, we are very short of younger members so succession is a significant concern. Previously Geoff suggested inviting guests to the meetings and see if they can be persuaded to remain and Shafait said he would also check to see if he could identify someone.                                                                                              
Youth Involvement:
We will not be able to make progress until we can have face-to-face meetings with the Youth Council with Olga’s help.

The head of Pipers Corner School, GK has suggested the older girls might be involved in community activities such as NHW in some way (posters/fliers/media). The issue is to devise a way of involving them.            All

Next meetings: 15th March, AGM 26th April, 17 May, 12th July, 13th Sept and 15th November.

Stan 7/2/22

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