Minutes committee meeting 16.11.21

Attendees: Stan Jones (chairman), Geoff Pegg (Director of Operations), Caterina Dodero, Ray Cox, Eric Hambling, and Ian Burrell (Treasurer).

Apologies: Jennifer Swallow (thanks for setting up the meeting), Olga McBarnett, David Gresswell and Aldo Simone.

Chairman’s Introduction:
The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting. Covid was likely to be a problem over winter, so there is no urge to increase face-to-face meetings. We should consider using one-to-one Zoom for coordinator recruitment.

Matters arising:
Eric stated that the production of a general NHW presentation we could all use is complete and is available on a memory stick. It has been used by Eric and Ray a couple of times. It would be useful to send it to committee members for use when necessary, which would be OK for the Power Point slides but the film is too large so will be removed.                                                                       

Jade at Bucks New Uni has left but still no replacement has been appointed and they are struggling to find applicants. The Uni itself seems to be operating reasonably normally.                                                                                  
No further progress with A-Plan. It is difficult to assess our future relationship as some LPAs such as Oxford seem to be working together. Stan will have another go at Joe Leatherbarrow, but if unsuccessful we will drop it.           

Following Shafait’s advice a number of member recruitment forms had been handed out at mosques to be filled in there and then. As many as a dozen have since signed up at each mosque visit, but only about half complete the process. Once we have them as members we can look for coordinator candidates. Zafar Iqbal suggested a meeting to encourage membership and we should raise it with Shafait. There was also a possible link with TVP’s Intensive Engagement exercise in Castlefield.                                                                               

The timing of the introduction of Visav V4 by TVP has been raised with the new neighbourhood Chief Superintendent Katy Grint, who reported that meetings are taking place and implementation might be in the start of next year. Jennifer has a list of all coordinators so we will not lose any in the transition. If coordinators are not mapped they will still exist on the system, but if someone in their area applied to be a member they could not be linked up, so they might be told of another local mapped coordinator or told there isn’t one. Jennifer and Geoff have been working in various ways to get coordinators mapped and to date there are 490 mapped coordinators and 334 not mapped.

Operations Director’s Report:
GP had sent out his report to committee members ahead of the meeting.  

John Moore left in October but his role as area coordinator has been filled. The offer from the Rotary Club might be used to provide cards to remind people not to leave their homes in the dark when not at home.                               

Treasurer’s Report:  
Our Treasurer, Ian Burrell, had sent out the financial report.

Sales have been buoyant recently, mainly Card defenders and Card Defender Diamonds. We might use the surplus to give some products away, perhaps as a recruitment drive, or like TVP to target victims with items such as light timers or fake cameras.  

Further Zoom Seminars
The agenda for the next seminar on 30th November has been sent to the committee by Ray. There is a recording by inspector Steve Bobbitt, a report on a significant telephone scam, top tips for security, a video of Community Speedwatch and a Q&A session. Reminders will be sent around 10 and 2 days before.

Local Reports:
Hazlemere: Ray reported that PC Claire Davies said there had been no further burglaries in Hazlemere. People have still been seen trying car doors.

Mosques: During the good weather there have been two visits to the three main mosques and one to Micklefield. The Imam at Micklefield is returning from Pakistan when we hope to have a meeting when he will sign up as coordinator.

Hughenden: No NAG since the last meeting, but the next one on 9th Dec will be the last, as the police and PC are not sufficiently supportive. Its activities will be split with traffic related issues going to the PC and the rest to the Street Association. The HSA committee will need to be bolstered with NHW representatives to cover the crime and fear of crime issues.

There was one incident in Great Kingshill where someone walked up to a front door before 6am and gave it a thump and walked away. I reported it to the PCSO but nothing to go on. I advised them to consider motion lights or a camera.

Publicity & Website:
The website is up to date apart from the latest minutes. We have agreement with Steve Bobbett to use anything that comes from them in the public domain to put out as Alerts from us, but they are also looking to get more Alerts out themselves in the absence of an administrator.                      

Liaison Updates: 
TVP – They have set up a “Problem Solving Hub” to exchange information and collectively act on it. Stan has registered and there will be a presentation on it at the next TVNHWA committee meeting.

The last Steve Bobbett meeting with Stan & Geoff focussed on increased burglaries, thefts of and from cars and rural crime. The latter emphasised the cost of farm equipment and the need for it to be chipped to deter thieves and help return if stolen. Insurance companies are supporting this by lowering premiums on chipped/marked items.

South Chiltern LPA will be merging with Wycombe under Emma Burroughs as commander. This will not reduce front line officers, but there might be consolidation of support staff. We would not want to merge our NHW operations, but David Alder is retiring from NHW at the next TVNHWA AGM so it is hoped to find a replacement by then. Geoff mentioned Alan Watson in Little Chalfont and will pursue him with David.                                                 

National NHW – There have been a number of seminars/training sessions such as on County Lines and ASB. The Ourwatch information “Hub” is now available to TV coordinators and Stan & Geoff have registered on it. It has lots of useful information such as training for coordinators/MSAs etc.

TVNHWA – Discussions are on-going with the PCC regarding funding.

Bucks Council – Stan will attend Adam Chayo’s hate crime training session on 26th Nov at the Gateway Aylesbury. This and the Victims of Crime and Victim Support initiatives might have a role for NHW, but it will need careful definition. We need a meeting with Gemma Brooks to see if we could work closer with their Community Safety Team.                                                 

Succession Planning – We should consider putting out an Alert asking for more committee members. Although personal contact is more effective, we are very short of younger members so succession is a significant concern. Previously Geoff suggested inviting guests to the meetings and see if they can be persuaded to remain and Shafait said he would also check to see if he could identify someone.                                                                                         

Youth Involvement:
We will not be able to make progress until we can have face-to-face meetings with the Youth Council with Olga’s help.

Various media such as WhatsApp/Nextdoor have been useful for spreading the NHW message in Oxford and Berks so we might get some pointers from Maggie and Angela.

Defibrillators have become more important as the pressure on ambulances increases and response times increase. An Alert on this could also indicate how to find your nearest one.
Next meetings: Stan and Geoff to come up with suggestions.               

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