Minutes committee meeting 7.9.21

Attendees: Stan Jones (chairman), Geoff Pegg (Director of Operations), Ray Cox, Jennifer Swallow (part), Eric Hambling, Shafait Ali (part) and Ian Burrell (Treasurer).

Apologies: Caterina Dodero, Olga McBarnett, Pei-ling Harper and Doug Meredith

Chairman’s Introduction:
The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting. He mentioned that the police seem to be less visible at the moment, possibly due to Covid and the demands of adjacent Force Areas, however they had been present with us outside the Co-op in Hazlemere and the mosques.  

Notes of the meeting of 13/7/21 were accepted as accurate.

Matters arising:
The effort to find more committee members should continue especially in areas of low representation. John Moore is about to leave and Doug Meredith, Bill Potts and Selina are likely to leave.                    

Eric stated that the production of a general NHW presentation we could all use is nearly complete. Eric and Ray have been compiling slides and suitable videos as a library that could be selected from for particular events. Probably end up as Power Point on a memory stick for ease of use. Some additional notes will be taken at Geoff’s presentation next week. Ray and Eric gave the presentation to the ladies group in Lane End in Geoff’s absence which was a good dry run.                                                                                                                      
Jade at Bucks New Uni is leaving, but no replacement has been appointed yet.                                                                                                       
Again, no further progress with A-Plan. It appears they are losing interest. It is difficult to assess our future relationship and Stan’s approach to Joe Leatherbarrow confirmed the new legislation limiting commission payments. Stan suggested periodic donations but got the response it was the responsibility of local managers. Geoff will have another attempt to get the commission due to WDNHWA, although there is a new manager in Wycombe following consolidation of their two operations.          

Jennifer had to leave and Shafait joined the meeting. Recruitment leaflets were delivered to 500 houses in Widmer End and 200 in Hazlemere, but little response to date. The contact area had been left blank which means they have to log into the Ourwatch website to register which can be daunting. A number had also been handed out at mosques with similar results. Shafait suggested we got mosque attendees signed up on the day, which will need a form to be completed at the table with the minimum information to sign them up as members. Once we have them as members we can look for coordinator candidates.        

The introduction of Visav V4 by TVP has been raised with Michael Loubenburg, but is not expected to be imminent.

Operations Director’s Report:
GP had sent out his report to committee members ahead of the meeting.  

Stan reported he had attended a NHN meeting where a NHW group had obtained donations from housing developers as they are keen to get NHW road signs around their new estates. This was an opportunity we could pursue possibly with Barclay Homes in the short term but also with sites such as Terriers in the future.                                                                         

On-line sales are limited in scope because of P&P, but card defenders are relatively easy and cheap to send.

Treasurer’s Report:  
Our Treasurer, Ian Burrell, had sent out the financial report.

Sales since the last committee meeting were £242, mainly tables outside the Hazlemere Co-op. Expenditure was £372, mainly postage, the new table, tablecloth and screen, leaflets and signs. Suggestions are still being sought for use of our reserves to increase our operations in line with our remit.          

As the limit on contactless payments is increased to £100, it is likely criminals will take advantage, so card defenders are even more necessary.

Stan asked Shafait whether it was OK to sell items at the mosques, which we haven’t done before. Shafait replied it would be fine and an announcement of what was available could be made. It was agreed to limit the items to card and key defenders.

Further Zoom Seminars
Our next seminar will be held in November. Ray will put it together and ask for help when needed including suggestions for topics. One lesson from the last seminar was to reduce the number of presentations. It was hoped we could have a police representative, possibly Crimestoppers and Community Speedwatch. It was suggested the last could include a video explaining how it is done.

Path to Normality
It will probably be the New Year before we have face-to-face meetings because of the uncertainty of Covid. People have suddenly switched from cautious to careless as the government changed the rules.

Local Reports:
Hazlemere: Ray reported people have been trying car doors and speeding on the Amersham Road. Hazlemere PC are to put Speedwatch signs at the entrance to villages. Ray also mentioned that more defibrillators have been installed and there was shortly to be a feature of them supported by the ambulance service and police. PC Russ Hawkins has suggested being involved in community meetings, and has been involved with schools and possibly scouts.

Mosques: Shafait said there was a lot of Covid around Castlefield unfortunately including the death of a Mosque Trustee. Mosque visits have been held when weather permits with help from Eric and Ray, with a police table alongside as part of their community involvement exercise. There is a lot of speeding there and it was suggested setting up a Community Speedwatch group as in Downley maybe with help from the police via Intensive Engagement. Speed guns are available for about £200. Stan offered to help Shafait if needed.                                                                                                    

Hughenden: PC Marea Logan gave the NAG some data of crime in the parish for the previous 2 months: 21 incidents, 6 assaults, 2 burglaries, 4 theft, 1 arson, 3 criminal damage, 3 drugs and 2 public order. Not included was Great Kingshill as it seems to have migrated to Missenden, even though the Village is 80% in Wycombe! There has been a report of people snooping around back gardens at night and others trying car doors.

Publicity & Website:
The website is up to date with new schemes added.                              

Liaison Updates: 
TVP – Supt. Michael Loebenburg has been promoted to Chief Supt and taken over in Buckinghamshire. The new link for NHW is Chief Supt Katy Barrow-Grint, who is responsible for Neighbourhood Policing and Oxfordshire.

National NHW – There has been clarification with V4 on the ourwatch website and area coordinators have been added. There will still be some problems in matching our structure and state of mapping. Stan had attended a meeting on “assessing impact”. They have launched an information “Hub” with lots of useful information such as training for coordinators/MSAs etc. Stan has asked for TV to get it as soon as possible. There is another meeting on Training and Development next week. NWN have been sending messages direct to coordinators that has caused a couple of Area Reps to be concerned as it could cause confusion.

TVNHWA – The Code of Ethics has been revised slightly and the Complaints Policy has also been approved by the committee. Funding is an issue and two bids for grants are being prepared. There is a WG looking into media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Trading Standards – Pei-Ling has attended some of our meetings and we have a decent supply of their stickers.

Bucks Council – Adam Chayo is putting together a training session on hate crime, part of its Third Party Reporting initiative. There is a new Forum Action Group “Community Resilience” that is chaired by Val McPherson attended by Stan but anyone can attend.

Expansion into poorly covered areas:
Micklefield remains a target area and we will try to keep in contact with the Imam of the mosque there.                                                              
Succession Planning – We need more committee members. Geoff suggests inviting guests to the meetings and see if they can be persuaded to remain. Shafait would also check to see if he could identify someone.                   

Youth Involvement:
We will not be able to make progress until we can have face-to-face meetings with the Youth Council with Olga’s help.

AOB: Ray described a seminar he had recently attended covering diversity and engaging the young.

Various media such as WhatsApp can be useful for spreading the NHW message.

Next meetings: 16 Nov.

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