Minutes Committee Meeting 18.5.21

Attendees: Stan Jones (chairman) (SJ), Geoff Pegg (Director of Operations) (GP), Ray Cox (RC), Caterina Dodaro (CD), Jennifer Swallow (JS), Shafait Ali SA), Eric Hambling (EH), John Moore (JM) and Ian Burrell (Treasurer) (IB).

Apologies: Olga McBarnett and Doug Meredith

Chairman’s Introduction: The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting, in particular Shafat Ali, Secretary of the four Mosques. We are looking at a relaxation of the lockdown, but unsure of its affect over the next few weeks, particularly with the Indian version spreading.

Notes of the meeting of 16/3/21 were accepted as accurate.

Matters arising: Geoff has checked whether those committee members who have not attended meetings for some time wish to remain committee members and the answer was they wished to remain for now.

The relationship with Wycombe police is going well. Geoff and Stan have monthly meetings with Inspector Steve Bobbett. We discussed with him the project that has started in Castlefield called “Intensive Engagement” to reduce violent crime. Shafait said he had not been involved yet. The engagement with the Mosques was raised by us at the last meeting with Insp. Steve B. We await progress.

The effort to find more committee members should continue especially in areas of low representation and to plug gaps if people leave. Now Andrea Baughan is mayor elect we might get some leverage.                                                SJ/GP

The production of a general NHW presentation we could all use remained on-going. Eric and Ray had had an initial discussion.                                      EH/RC

Geoff and Ray have tried to contact Jade at Bucks New Uni, but no response. She is probably working remotely.                                                   GP/RC

Regarding Mapping of schemes, Jennifer is making progress but it is a slow process and some coordinators are not interested. It is not clear whether lack of mapping with V4 will preclude someone remaining as a coordinator. It is possible to remain anonymous if a coordinator prefers that. Jennifer will print a list of unmapped coordinators just before V4 implementation so we have a clear record of them. Implementation of V4 depends on TVP.                                 JS

Regarding investing our surplus, Geoff is progressing the costing of a second table and cloth. He is also looking at booklets that used to be available from Trading Standards, TVP the MET and Home Office, such as the Little Book of Big Scams and Beat the Bogus Caller and what it would cost to print. Some would need to be updated first.

We are still pushing the police to put out more Alerts alongside other media outlets.

AGM Feedback: The Wycombe Commander’s contribution was very well received. The attendance was rather low at 25-30, but some of the attendees at “real” AGMs might not be Zoom compatible.

Operations Director’s Report: GP had sent out his report to committee members ahead of the meeting.  

The next meeting with Steve Bobbett is on 25th May. Significant progress is being made on the new Pinetrees Estate of some 500 houses and 16 roads. We are working with their Residents Ass and have 8 coordinators so far.

Stan said he was trying to get other LPAs to sell products to raise money and hoped WDNHWA would help as we have all the experience. Geoff agreed to give advice and help bulk buying to reduce the cost for all. Geoff described our product range to Shafait.

Treasurer’s Report:  Our Treasurer, Ian Burrell, had sent out the financial report.

Sales to date are £1342 from mailable products. The net surplus is £374 in spite of the lockdown. There is still no income from A-Plan, but it turns out the Wycombe manager has long covid so has not been able to correspond.

Zoom Seminar 8th June: The draft agenda for the Zoom seminar has been circulated to the committee.

Ray suggested we start at 8.00 rather than 7.30 which was agreed. A reminder would be sent out the day before. He also suggested a short presentation by John Sparkes on Community Speedwatch which was agreed. Preparation continues.                                                         RC

Path to Normality: Geoff asked when we might open up to more normal face-to-face meetings outside shops or in people’s houses. Ray described the difficulty he was having with the Hazlemere Fete doing Test and Trace. With the Indian and other variants it was decided to be cautious and address this again at the next meeting when more information might be available.

Local Reports:

Hughenden: CSW has restarted. Problems with speeding skip lorries from Binders Yard and their application to double the volume.

Mosques: Waiting to restart the tables outside the mosques. Shafait explained that the mosques were open but restricted in numbers, so people are being turned away and attendees following the rules.

Hazlemere: Drug dealing incidents being pursued by TVP.

Stokenchurch: Jennifer reported a potential land scam that was foiled by their Facebook group.

Publicity & Website: The website is up to date. Caterina’s first go at putting together a short video for our Facebook and Instagram accounts was unsuccessful due to equipment limitations. Still being pursued.                                                                CD

Liaison Updates:  TVP – Liaison is good at the commander, deputy and inspector levels.

National NHW – they are generating more campaigns – the latest being dog theft as the demand for dogs rose during the pandemic with a commensurate increase in prices. Dogs are being imported from countries such as Romania so it is important to get them from a reliable source.

TVNHWA – The AGM had very good speakers from TVP, Crimestoppers and the new PCC, Matthew Barber. There was a problem with gaining access as the Zoom had been set for registered users only. It was recorded and available via the website.

Trading Standards: Stan now has a supply of “we do not buy at the door” and “stopping crime” stickers and some Age UK “scam” booklets.

Crimestoppers – Annabelle Goodenough, the SE manager, has been working with us and we have jointly produced a dog theft poster.

Expansion into poorly covered areas: Micklefield remains a target area and we will try to keep in contact with the Imam of the mosque there. Ray suggested we leaflet the area, but this was done in a small area some 18 months ago with little result.

Youth Involvement: We will not be able to make progress until we can have face-to-face meetings with the Youth Council probably after the summer holiday.

AOB: The committee zoom meetings would continue as at present until we are able to meet in person.

Shafait thanked us for the invitation to be a member of the committee
Next meetings: (Note the change in date of the September meeting) 13 July, 7 Sept & 16 Nov.

Stan 23/5/21

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