Notes of the committee meeting 16/3/21

Attendees: Stan Jones (chairman) (SJ), Geoff Pegg (Director of Operations) (GP), Ray Cox (RC), Caterina Dodaro (CD), Pei Harper (Trading Standards) (PH), Jennifer Swallow (JS), Olga McBarnett, Eric Hambling (EH), John Moore (JM) and Ian Burrell (Treasurer) (IB).
Apologies: none

Chairman’s Introduction:

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting, in particular Pei Harper from Trading Standards. It continues to be difficult to operate during lockdown, but hopefully things will improve over the next few weeks. Many NHW volunteers still participate in Covid fora to help vulnerable people.

Geoff was asked to check whether those committee members who have not attended meetings for some time wish to remain committee members.

The relationship with Wycombe police has been renewed. Geoff and Stan have had positive meetings with the new Commander, Emma Burroughs, and Deputy Commander, Gassan Saladan.

A new project has started in Castlefield called “Intensive Engagement”. It appears to be a new version of a NAG.

Notes of the meeting of 26/1/21 were accepted as accurate.

Actions arising:

Although there has been some success, the effort to find more committee members should continue.                                                                     SJ/GP

The production of a general presentation we could all use was on-going. The idea was information a memory stick which made it easier for people to make presentations. Eric and Ray would see what can be done.                  EH/RC

NO have requested a photo of SJ, GP and Jade from Bucks New Uni together with a write up. GP tried to contact Jade but no response.                           SJ/GP

The problem of Stan’s Scheme appearing in Great Missenden rather than Great Kingshill is an anomaly but doesn’t impact on numbers and the Visav system works on LPA boundaries.

The Micklefield & Marsh News article was given to David Winterborne and published in the Terriers & Totteridge Newsletter.

The i-phone issue with the website has been resolved.

SJ is on NO’s Equality, Inclusion and Ethics working group.

JS and EH have taken the NO MSA training course. It is particularly useful for mapping schemes. It takes place every other Friday.

Amanda at Trading Standards has not responded regarding the “No buying at the Door” zone signs, but Pei would chase. (subsequently it is confirmed that TS will no longer support or supply the zone signs. More concerning is their request for us to take them down – where are they and who put them up?)

Operations Director’s Report:

GP had sent out his report to committee members ahead of the meeting.  

Geoff sent out an Alert regarding card defenders to 4000 contacts resulting in 60 replies so far to date. He has plenty of stock at present. During lockdown easily mailable products make up all our sales. Unfortunately, one envelope containing 12 defenders arrived at the recipient empty and had to be replaced – perhaps someone thought they were credit cards.

With the help of Jennifer, we have all coordinators approved and starting to make inroads on mapping.

Geoff will try to encourage his Muslim contact to join our committee.  GP

Treasurer’s Report:  

Our Treasurer, Ian Burrell, had sent out the financial report.

Sales to date are £480 from card defenders. There is no income from A-Plan and they are not communicating.

There is some £5,500 in savings at the moment, so we need ideas on how best to invest some of this to further our future strategy. Geoff suggested another table and cloth.                                                                                              All

Zoom Seminars

The Zoom seminar on 10th February was very successful. Ray has received some 12 favourable comments, particularly liking the short contributions. There were new faces in the audience compared with Godstowe.  Ray was contacted by the Parkinsons Society, some members listened in to the seminar.

A discussion ensued about setting up further seminars. It was agreed to go ahead with one in June and September. The original working group would put the next one together over the next few weeks. It would be good to also get a contribution from TVP. A similar seminar should be considered for Bucks New University in the Autumn.                                                         RC/GP                                                

Local Reports:

Hughenden: There have been cases of people acting suspiciously near external mailboxes, presumably to steal valuable items (including credit cards) or identities. There is a problem of parking near the Romanian Church in Naphill, but no law is being broken. Speeding has been a significant problem since the first lockdown. CSW is still not operating, although Lee Turnham is trying to get it restarted as soon as possible.

Mosques: A further Zoom meeting with Geoff & Stan and three Mosque officials has been requested but no reply yet. Shafait Ali has been invited to this meeting but also no response yet.                                                GP&SJ

Hazlemere: Very quiet. Burglaries down as most houses are occupied during lockdown. Pavement parking is bad and Stan offered Ray the notice used in Hughenden.               SJ

Stokenchurch: Jennifer reported an increase of detached garage break-ins. The local PC had been informed and incidence has been reduced.

Publicity & Website:

The website is up to date. Jennifer offered to help Selina to keep it up-to-date. Geoff requested new photos if members have any suitable. Caterina would like to put together short videos for our Facebook and Instagram accounts.      It was agreed that Geoff, Stan, Caterina and Jennifer would get together on Zoom to arrange. GP/SJ/CD&JS                                                         

Liaison Updates: 

TVP – It is generally difficult to get timely crime reports. They are still preferring putting out messages on digital media rather than Alerts but we are still pushing. They also seem to push for direct reporting by victims rather than via third parties, which is counterproductive as some people would rather talk to coordinators than the police, so they will lose some intel.            GP/SJ

National NHW – Visav V4 is coming but has to have TVP approval, which will be some months away. We need to be selective of their new initiatives.

TVNHWA – The AGM is on Saturday 15th May. It is expanding rapidly in Aylesbury Vale, Reading and Slough, hence another 1000 road signs have been ordered.

Trading Standards: As above. We will request more “we do not buy at the door” stickers.

Expansion into poorly covered areas:

Micklefield remains the main area with inadequate NHW coverage so we will keep looking for opportunities, but the roads are long making it more difficult.

Youth Involvement:

Olga still suggests we will not be able to make progress until we can have face-to-face meetings with the Youth Council.


  1. Voting for the AGM needs to be decided either by Zoom or survey monkey, then an Alert sent out to explain what people should do. All the necessary papers will be available via links to our website.           JS/GP
  2. The amended constitution, because of the change in police areas, will be included in the AGM voting.

The committee zoom meetings would continue as at present until we are able to meet in person.

Next meetings: (Note the change in date of the September meeting) 16 Mar, 18 May, 13 July, 7 Sept & 16 Nov. The AGM would be 20 Apl.

Stan 30/3/21

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