Activity Report 2019 & 2020

We have:

  • Remained self-funding from the sale of discounted crime prevention products.
  • Addressed 43 private and NHW groups re crime prevention with due emphasis on the risks posed by cons & scams (including Dosti, an Asian ladies’ group).
  • Held 9 WDNHWA committee meetings.
  • Held one general NHW meeting via Zoom.
  • Attended 11 committee meetings of Thames Valley Neighbourhood Watch Association and its AGM, and the annual meeting of Princes Risborough & District NHW Association.  Our Chairman also became Chairman of Thames Valley Neighbourhood Watch Association on 11.5.19.  Our Chairman also attended the AGM of Neighbourhood Watch Network, the national body for NHW.
  • Many NHW Members and Co-ordinators volunteered to be part of the various Covid-19 groups helping vulnerable residents through the pandemic lockdowns in 2020.
  • Helped continue the establishment of the first Street Associations in our area. These are in the Hughenden Parish because of its high ratio of NHW schemes.
  • Continued to promote an arrangement with Selectamark whereby our members can buy Selecta DNA kits at greatly reduced prices directly from them with a small commission for us.
  • Held 3 review meetings re the NHW schemes based on the main mosques in High Wycombe.
  • Received £578 in donations from A-Plan Insurance, Selectamark, and others in 2019.

  • Carried out 9 live radio interviews on local radio stations (Wycombe Sound and Marlow FM).
  • Attended 2 NHW review meetings with Thames Valley Police.
  • Held table displays on 14 occasions in various public locations.
  • Held 4 meetings in an on-going sequence of general public Cons, Scams & Cyber-crime Awareness Meetings.
  • Attended 4 review meetings re the NHW scheme at the Students’ Union for Bucks New University.
  • On 1st March 2020, The Sunday Telegraph published an article based on an interview with our Director of Operations, Geoff Pegg, regarding our activities in promoting the awareness of the many risks posed by cons & scams.
  • Because of our activities in increasing public awareness of the risks posed by cons & scams, our Director of Operations was presented with a Hero award from the Chartered Trading Standards’ Institute by Steve Baker MP on 25.6.19.
  • Our activities in increasing the awareness of cons & scams within our other activities were duly rewarded when we were advised on 2nd June 2019 that we were to receive the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.   The award was presented to us by the Lord Lieutenant for Bucks at a ceremony in The Guildhall, High Wycombe, on 18th September.  The award is the equivalent of the MBE and we believe that we are the only local NHW association in the country to be so awarded.
  • Started 36 new schemes involving 41 new Co-ordinators for those schemes during 2019 & 2020.
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