Committee meeting 26.1.21

Attendees: Stan Jones (chairman) (SJ), Geoff Pegg (Director of Operations) (GP), Ray Cox (RC), Caterina Dodaro (CD), Jennifer Swallow (JS), Eric Hambling (EH), John Moore (JM) and Ian Burrell (Treasurer) (IB). Apologies: Olga McBarnett

Chairman’s Introduction:

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting, in particular Jennifer Swallow who was proposed, seconded and voted unanimously to join us as a committee member. It is continuing to be difficult to operate during the latest lockdown that may well last for a couple more months, but many NHW volunteers were still participating in Covid fora to help vulnerable people.

National Office is tightening up its rules for the database prior to the introduction of Version 4 in a couple of months depending, in our case, on TVP. Mapping of schemes is becoming an issue but is a huge job for WDNHWA. There are oddities on the database as Great Kingshill is shown as being in Gt Missenden not Wycombe.

Notes of the meeting of 17/11/20 were accepted as accurate.

Actions arising:

Although there has been some success, the effort to find more committee members should continue.    SJ/GP

The production of a general presentation we could all use was on-going. GP would send Stan a copy of the bullet points that have been circulated.  GP/All

The photo of SJ, GP and the mosque official together with a write up has been sent to NO.

Andrea Baughan has registered her scheme in Wycombe Marsh.

Operations Director’s Report:

GP had sent out his report to committee members ahead of the meeting.

Regarding domestic abuse and disputes between neighbours, it seems the lockdown is having a bad effect on some, making them more angry. It also is reflected in less driving curtesy.

The 400-word article for the Micklefield & Marsh Newsletter was sent out in December. Although no direct responses it raises our profile. This article could also be sent to the Terriers & Totteridge Newsletter.                             GP/RC                                                                                                                                                    

The problem in the past of Justine adding all new coordinators for us but being unable to approve them for NHW is being addressed. Jennifer will check every 2-3 weeks also to catch self-registers, who are then contacted.

Geoff’s first Zoom presentation to the Little Marlow & Well End WI was very successful.

It was good to note that burglaries in Wycombe were down over the Christmas period.

Treasurer’s Report:  

Our Treasurer, Ian Burrell, had sent out the final Income and Expenditure Report for the end of 2020.

Because of Covid restrictions over the past year, only sales of mailable products were continuing but expenses were low so there was an operating a surplus of £637 on half the sales of the previous year. After the purchase of the two microphones we needed out of reserves the net surplus was £484. Donations refers to the money we paid FH Library for use of their room. The subscription for Zoom was not required as we have free use of the TVNHWA subscription. There is some £6000 in savings at the moment so we need to consider how best to invest some of this to further our future strategy.

Zoom Seminars

There have been two meetings of the subcommittee to set up the crime reduction Zoom seminar on 10th February. The final version has been circulated and sent to local media. It is based on the previous meetings at Godstowe. Ray will Chair with Jennifer as controller and Eric providing the video. A contribution from TVP is being worked on.  GP/RC

Publicity for the seminar is in hand with Caterina using Instagram & Facebook. There is a problem accessing our website with i-phones that needs to be resolved.   GP/RC

A similar seminar should be considered for Bucks New University in the Autumn. We need to check with Jade Collis what facilities they have.  GP                                                 

Succession Planning:

The addition of Jennifer further reduces the average age of the committee and provides greater diversification. We still need to keep looking for new committee members, particularly younger ones. It is hoped one of our Mosque contacts will be willing to join us in the future.

Local Reports:

Hughenden: The Parish Council asked whether organisations wanted to restart its Covid Forum, but the answer was the support of vulnerable people had become self-sustaining often using NHW volunteers. “Light up Hughenden” was very successful over the Christmas period. The problem of people breaking into external letter boxes has happened again. We want to expand into areas with lesser coverage such as Widmer End but difficult during the lockdown.

Mosques: GP’s report describes activities to engage the senior Mosque leaders. The Zoom meeting with Geoff & Stan and three Mosque officials took place but no further response, so another will be set up in the next few weeks. We still hope that one might become a committee member after attending as a guest perhaps.            GP&SJ

Hazlemere: Ray had reports of external letter boxes of larger homes still being broken into. There were also incidences dogs being stolen as well as catalytic converters. Geoff mentioned birds were also being stolen.

Stokenchurch: Jennifer said there was nothing particular to report.

Publicity & Website:

The website is being kept up to date. Caterina had been making progress on Instagram and Facebook. CD&EH

Liaison Updates: 

TVP – There is little contact as they are overloaded with normal business plus Covid. A problem has occurred with the use of the TVP mail system that Stan is investigating. TVP are still preferring to put out messages on digital media rather than Alerts. SJ                                                                                      

National NHW – They continue to announce new initiatives, some of which are in the softer more neighbourly area. One is “Croots” for young families, a Youth Board, an Ethics & Culture WG and Champions. The role of the last is still being defined.

At our last meeting we had some 700 unapproved coordinators in Wycombe, but thanks primarily to Jennifer with Geoff’s help, it is down to practically zero. Geoff and David Alder have resolved any difference in the numbers we quote for WDNHWA. They are pushing MSA training and Maggie Lewis, AR for Oxford is coordinating. Geoff will check which of our MSAs are interested. GP

We are asked to suggest leaflets that we need in paper form for tables at events.                                

TVNHWA – The AGM is planned for May.

Trading Standards: As we have discovered other areas of TS are still supporting the “No buying at the door” zones so we sent this information to them hoping they will change their minds but no reply to date. Stan will chase Amanda. SJ

Expansion into poorly covered areas:

Micklefield remains the main area with inadequate NHW coverage so we will keep looking for opportunities.

Youth Involvement:

Olga suggests we will not be able to make progress until we can have face-to-face meetings with the Youth Council.


  1. The AGM needs to be organised so will be on the agenda of the next meeting. Suggestions of speakers would be welcome e.g. Supt Emma Burroughs.
  2. The constitution needs to be updated because of the change in police areas.

The committee zoom meetings would continue as at present until we are able to meet in person.

Next meetings: 16 Mar, 18 May, 13 July, 14 Sept & 16 Nov. The AGM would be 20 Apl.

Stan 1/2/21

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