Committee meeting 17.11.20

Zoom attendees: Stan Jones (chairman) (SJ), Geoff Pegg (Director of Operations) (GP), Ray Cox (RC), Caterina Dodaro (CD), Jennifer Swallow (JS), Eric Hambling (EH) and Ian Burrell (Treasurer) (IB).
Apologies: Olga McBarnett and John Moore

Chairman’s Introduction:
The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting. It remained difficult to operate during the second lockdown but many NHW volunteers were again participating in Covid fora to help vulnerable people. He suggested using Zoom for more activities such as seminars as restrictions would probably be in place until next summer.       
Notes of the meeting of 15/9/20 were accepted as accurate.

Actions arising:
The effort to find more committee members should continue.               SJ/GP
The production of a general presentation we could all use was on-going.   All
GP had sent out the Alert on external letter boxes.
We have been asked to look into our 600-700 unauthorised coordinators. It was agreed they all could be authorised if we were able to do it. JS to look into ways. JS

Operations Director’s Report:
GP had sent out his report to committee members ahead of the meeting.
It was agreed that the dissolution of Wycombe District Council was not a good reason for changing our name as we still operate in “Wycombe and district”.

Treasurer’s Report:  
Ian Burrell’s had sent out the latest Income and Expenditure Report.
As sales were continuing and expenses were low there is a surplus of over £600, it was agreed to authorise Geoff to purchase the two microphones we need at £65, subscribe to Zoom (£60 if shared with TVNHWA or £120 if not), Flackwell Heath library donation for the meeting we held there £10 and misc. stationery totalling £60.      GP                              

Zoom Seminars
Ray had sent an e-mail suggesting the structure of a zoom seminar. He was mirroring the meetings at Godstowe, although it was thought to offer all the audience a chance to speak might be hard to manage. After discussion it was proposed we set up a small group to design a seminar along the lines of one or two speakers with questions, and a short session at the end for the audience to raise timely issues. The use of videos was also a possibility. How we advertise meetings to avoid “Zoom bombing” would need to be considered. Probably would need a separate identifier for each meeting. The first meeting would be around mid-January and a 2/3 week run in to inform people and a reminder the day before. Caterina, Ray, Geoff and Stan would be on the group, with Eric and Jennifer providing technical support as needed.                                  CD, RC, SJ, EH, JS
The committee zoom meetings would continue as at present.
It was agreed telephone numbers would be exchanged to ease communication.                                            

Succession Planning:
No further progress but we still need to keep looking for new committee members, particularly younger ones.

Local Reports:
Hughenden: The Parish Council has restarted its Covid Forum with many NHW volunteers engaged in activities to help vulnerable neighbours. Several initiatives are being taken to help the community during the lockdowns such as a scarecrow competition and “light up Hughenden” over the holiday period.

Mosques: GP’s report describes activities to engage the four senior Mosque leaders. A Zoom meeting with Geoff & Stan is being set up for three of them as one is not responding so far. We still hope that one might become a committee member. A photo of one of them with Geoff & Stan plus a write up is on the website. GP&SJ

Hazlemere: Ray raised the issue of external letter boxes of larger homes being broken into. There were also incidences of black cars following mail vans, presumably to pick up anything left on doorsteps (this might be items they buy on-line criminally using a false address). Ian said this was also reported to happen with couriers.

Stokenchurch: Jennifer is about to add more schemes but there have been no noteworthy crimes.

Publicity & Website:
The website is being kept up to date. Caterina had circulated an e-mail proposing we have an Instagram site. We could use it to communicate with members using text, photos or short videos. Could pull in other accounts such as TVP and Crimestoppers. Might be particularly good to communicate with younger people. Eric has some good graphics so Caterina and Eric were asked to design and set one up.      CD&EH                          

Liaison Updates: 
TVP – Stan had recently made contact with Supt. Michael Loebenburg, Emma Baillie’s replacement in Kidlington. TVP are reorganising but we are told it is internal and will have no impact on NHW.

National NHW – They have recently announced several initiatives and are expanding into the softer more neighbourly areas, which many coordinators do already.

TVNHWA – There has been an incident that has resulted in two MSAs being suspended for breaching the Code of Ethics.

Trading Standards: They have stopped supplying road signs as they are not enforceable. They are pushing the stickers “we do not buy at the door” and the reminder stickers. Geoff raised the question of insurance as TS do not cover the road signs. It is presumed they always were and still are covered by Bucks Council.

Expansion into poorly covered areas:
Geoff agreed that Micklefield was the main area with inadequate NHW coverage. Our contact Andrea Baughan was setting up a coordinator in her street. It is not an easy task as, of the 12 coordinators there, five are telephone only which is no longer supported. We are also working on the mosque there. There is interest in Cock Lane but that is not in the main valley. The Micklefield & Marsh newsletter might be a way in.  RC&GP         Youth Involvement: Olga has not been able to progress this due to the virus restrictions.

Ray raised the T&T newsletter he has used regarding defibulators as a possible way to get people onto our website and advertise our meetings.Eric has video clips we could use and demonstrated the one showing Chief Inspector Jon Chandler describing the successful recent major exercise against organised crime, drug dealers and money launderers, mentioning the information they received from the public.
Ray raised the possibility of putting on a seminar especially for the Bucks University Students.

Next meetings: Geoff will circulate potential dates.

(post meeting note – the dates selected were 26 Jan, 16 Mar, 18 May, 13 July, 14 Sept & 16 Nov. The Agm would be 20 Apl.

Stan 21/11/20

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