Committee Meeting 21.7.20

Attendees: Stan Jones (chairman) (SJ), Geoff Pegg (Director of Operations) (GP), Ray Cox (RC), Caterina Dodaro (CD), John Moore (JM), Eric Hambling (EH), Ian Burrell (Treasurer) (IB) and Olga McBarnett. Apologies: Doug Meredith

Chairman’s Introduction:
The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting. He pointed out that the last meeting had to be cancelled because of Covid 19 and how difficult it was to operate during the lockdown and the slow expected restart to some form of normality, however many NHW volunteers were participating in Covid fora to help vulnerable people. He pointed out the robust finances. He also mentioned the TVNHWA AGM that was being held remotely via its website.

Notes of the meeting of 21/1/20 were accepted as accurate.

Actions arising:
SJ suggested that we try another recruitment agency to find more committee members. GP agreed.                                                                     SJ/GP

SJ raised again the recording of a general presentation we could all use. GP said he had bullet points of his talks but not the detail. GP said that David Gresswell will make his slides available to us. There is also material such as short films that could be included.                                                                       SJ/GP

AGM Planning:
The constitutional deadline for the AGM had passed but the exceptional circumstances explained the difficulty. SJ suggested we could do the same as TVNHWA via its website, but it was agreed to send an alert to all coordinators explaining the reason and deferring the AGM to Spring 2021 with the existing committee continuing.

Operations Director’s Report:
GP had sent out his report to committee members ahead of the meeting. GP said he had maintained strong sales of the card defenders and diamond cards Through the lockdown. The item of note was the lack of further Trading Standards signs. The mention of insurance for them was raised as a possible future concern if it was withdrawn.

Treasurer’s Report:
Ian Burrell’s presented the Income and Expenditure Report up to 17 July 2020 which showed a continued healthy financial situation. The sales were £1952 despite the lockdown, and the operating surplus was £607. RC stated the microphones previously approved had not been purchased yet. IB and RC would agree when to make the purchase.

Succession Planning:
Caterina Dodaro was proposed as a committee member by GP and seconded by SJ who welcomed her onto the committee. SJ reiterated the problem of succession planning and the need to recruit further younger persons on to the committee..

Local Reports:
Mosques: GP reported that he had some success in recruiting senior mosque figures as coordinators, but the lockdown is making it more difficult. He hoped that in due course one might become a committee member.

RC raised the issue of speeding. Speedwatch would be restarted soon, but volunteers now have to undertake training and pass a test and very few had done so at present.

SJ reported he had raised the issue of drug dealing in villages at the SIAG. Otherwise it was relatively quiet.

Hughenden Street Association:
A weekly newsletter was produced to update people about Covid 19 but is being continued and its scope broadened, particularly to include crime reduction. They are also supporting the “one can trust”. SJ was still pursuing getting NHW co-ordinators to use the street association packs if they were prepared to add this role.

Publicity & Website:
Being kept up to date. SJ suggested putting the minutes onto the website to keep it “live”

Liaison Updates:
TVP – There is a new commander in Wycombe, Supt. Emma Burroughs, and new deputy, chief insp. Michelle Sale. Also in Kiddlington Supt. Becky Mears has been replaced by Supt. Emma Baillie. SJ had received a very negative e-mail from Becky Mears following the Telegraph article which was taken as critical of TVP’s support for us. Unfortunately the various caveats Geoff provided were removed.

Expansion into poorly covered areas:
SJ suggested a list was made of those areas we should target.

Youth Involvement:
Olga McBarnett was in touch with the Youth Forum, and while they might communicate with us, they are unlikely to provide a committee member.

GP mentioned that due to health problems he might not be available as much over the next few months. The committee hoped all would go well.

Next meetings:
22 September
17 November

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