Action Notes from Meeting 19.09.17

Present: Stan Jones (SJ), Geoff Pegg (GP), Ian Burrell (IB), David Gresswell (DG) (Note-taker), Doug Meredith (DM),

1. Apologies: Ray Cox (Hazlemere), Eric Hambling, Roger Lawson (Downley), John Moore (Fair Ridge & The Spinney), Bill Potts (BP)

2. Chairman’s Introduction  SJ welcomed those attending – no specific points not covered by the Agenda.

3. Action Notes from 1st August 2017 meeting and Matters Arising:
a. Min.3d GP has attempted to contact Colin Seaton but has not yet received a response. Action: GP
b. Min.3e SJ and GP have made one visit to the Shia mosque which will be repeated later in the year. Action: SJ, GP
c. Min.4a Still nothing heard from David Carroll regarding ‘Junior Watch’. Action: GP
d. Min.4d – Publicity DG has searched the website for possible volunteers who might help with publicity, but the initial search produced no results. SJ believed that the search would remain active so the website will be monitored. Action: DG
e. Min.5 – Joint Meetings. DM has arranged a meeting for October 10th at Bourne End on the subject of ‘Cons & Scams and Cybercrime’ which will include invitations to Flackwell Heath residents. Action: DM, DG
f. Min.5 IB had not been contacted by Barclays concerning any change to our banking facility, but SJ noted that Barclays had closed an account he was involved with at short notice. DG noted that HSBC were also reported as closing charitable accounts ‘to combat money laundering’!  Action: IB

4. Operations Director’s Report The report had already been distributed to Committee members.
There seemed little likelihood that police support for Neighbourhood Watch would see any improvement in the immediate future. JAG meetings had been discontinued and the CSI Newsletter had gone. Trading Standards were similarly stretched. Action: SJ, GP

5. a) Treasurer’s Report:
Sales to date this Year – £1,384.08
Gross Profit for the Year – £739.08
Operating Expenses – £238.63
Balances at Banks – £4,306.08
Cash in hand (GP) – £64.25
Noted that we have made an application to the PCC’s fund for a grant of £600 to cover the cost of meetings to be held in the future. The accounts would have to ensure that this was not seen as ‘generated income’ that might cause our Operating Surplus to exceed the HMRC ‘limit’ of £500 at the end of our financial year. Action: IB

b) New sources of income. GP presented an example of a ‘Phone/Fob Defender’ from the same supplier as ‘Card Defender’. This sleeve is intended to block ALL signals to and from a smart-phone for use whilst driving. It was agreed to purchase 100 sleeves for sale at £4.00 each. Action: GP

The device is also claimed to prevent ‘keyless’ car fobs being ‘skimmed’ and cloned, [although reports on various websites are somewhat sceptical about the latter activity given the current state of ‘Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)’ technology which has used ‘KeeLoq’ encryption since the late 1990’s.]

6. Local Reports :
a. Bourne End – the meeting on ‘Cons & Scams’ set for 10th October was noted. It will be promoted to the local area by a TVAlert. Action: DM, DG
b. Downley – no report
c. Flackwell Heath – there had been a second attempted theft from the recently replaced ATM/Phone point in the centre of the village. This time the thieves were unsuccessful. Two potential schemes – Old Kiln Road and the Oakwood Estate – have not made any further progress, and the potential co-ordinators will be contacted. Action: DG
d. Hughenden Parish – SJ reported a number of crimes affecting different areas of the parish. It was noted that data currently available from the police was too general in nature and did not allow any detailed conclusions to be made regarding types of crime, locations, etc.
e. The Mosques – we have been unable to set up the proposed ‘Umbrella Scheme’ after 18 months due to members of the Mosque Committees being too busy. It is now planned to work with five prominent members of the Asian community rather than the Mosque Committees. All five have agreed to help and meetings have taken place with two of them so far. Action: SJ, GP

7. Hughenden Parish Street Association  The three further areas selected for Street Associations are Quarrendon, Chesham (Pond Park) and Burnham. Action: SJ

8. University Liaison: No further progress due to the summer vacation. Follow-up meeting to be arranged. Action: GP

9. WDNHWA publicity, website etcSee Matters Arising (3.d above) regarding Publicity. Selina Jackson continues to update our website with latest information, removing old information where it has become out-of-date. Action: SelJ

10. Status of negotiations with National NHWatch, TV Police and TVNHWA The ‘Partnership Agreement’ between TVNHWA and the National NHWatch body continues to be problematic, as does the agreement of a ‘Code of Ethics’ between TVNHWA and the Police. A draft of the latter Code has been given to Supt. Rebecca Mears for comment. Action: GP/SJ

11. WDNHWA – Committee Representation; expansion into poorly represented area. No progress to report. Action: GP

12. Forthcoming Meetings & Events  A list of forthcoming events has been issued by GP and will be posted on our website. Action: SelJ

The next Godstowe meeting is provisionally scheduled for October 25th, subject to agreement with the new Head Teacher.  Action: GP

DG had been in contact with Flackwell Heath Age Concern regarding a possible presentation to clients on ‘Cons & Scams’. Tuesday was suggested as the best day of the week when more of the independent clients attended. Details of the contact would be passed to GP. Action: DG, GP

13. New ProductsSee Item 5.b above under ‘New Sources of Income’, which related to the Phone Defender sleeve. Action: GP

14. Any Other Business: DG advised the Committee that he would not be standing for re-election to the Committee in 2018 and that he would attempt to find a replacement Area Co-ordinator for Flackwell Heath. The Committee thanked him for his contribution to NHWatch over the last 13 years.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 21.00hrs.

15. Date of the next meeting: Tuesday, 21st November 2017, 7.15pm at Flackwell Heath Community Library

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