Action Notes from Meeting 1st August 2017

Action Notes from Meeting held on 1st August 2017 at Flackwell Heath Community Library.

Present: Stan Jones (SJ), Geoff Pegg (GP), David Gresswell (DG) (Note-taker), Doug Meredith (DM), Roger Lawson (Downley),

Visitors: John Moore (Fair-ridge & Spinney).

1. Apologies: Ian Burrell (IB), Ray Cox (Hazlemere), Paula Day (AC: Kingshill Grange Estate), Eric Hambling, Selina Jackson (SelJ), Bill Potts (BP)

2. Chairman’s Introduction

SJ welcomed those attending – no specific points not covered by the Agenda.

3. Action Notes from 16th May 2017 meeting and Matters Arising:

a. The item on Cyber-crime had been sent to all members receiving the Action Notes.

b. SJ noted yet again that there had been no progress with regard to the formation of a Disraeli NAG – there is apparently diminishing police support for NAGs.

c. Min. 4. Noted that the Marlow resident who had been rejected as a Co-ordinator intended to appeal against this decision.

d. GP would approach Colin Seaton regarding the position of President. Action: GP

e. There is an additional mosque to add to the list – there are now 7 Sunni and 1 Shia. We will continue to deal with the main group of 4, including one in Micklefield. Action: SJ, GP

4. Operations Director’s Report  The report had already been distributed to Committee members.

a. p.1 There had been no progress regarding a further meeting with David Carroll concerning ‘Junior Watch’. Action: GP

b. Noted that Anthony Stansfeld who administers the ‘Property Fund’, was funding the Project Director for a further three Street Associations.

c. p.3 Noted that the Keep Hill Estate is along the hillside to the south of The Rye.

d. p.4 Publicity. Sadly, Sonia Goby has decided that she is not the right person to take on the role of Publicity Officer so the search will have to re-start. Reference was made to the ‘Reach’ volunteering website as a source of possible candidates. This would be investigated. Action: DG

e. p.5 Noted that there had been several articles published by the Bucks Free Press following the latest Godstowe School meeting. This was very useful publicity for our activities and will be encouraged. Reference was made to a ‘Clairvoyance’ scam. Sales of Card Defenders have been maintained.

5. Treasurer’s Report: (tabled by GP in the absence if IB)

Sales to date this Year – £1,145.73

Gross Profit for the Year – £743.73

Operating Expenses – £238.63

Balances at Banks – £4,445.06

Cash in hand (GP) – £92.90 Action: IB, GP 2

It was generally considered that we needed to find some appropriate way of utilising some of our accumulated funds. DM noted that he was intending to organise a ‘joint’ event covering Bourne End and Wooburn Green.

DG asked if this could be extended to include Flackwell Heath. Action: DM

Noted that many Banks are actively discontinuing support for Charitable organisation. We need to be aware of any changes that might affect WDNHWA. Action: IB

6. Local Reports :

a. Bourne End – nothing to report. An increase in local parking enforcement has been noticed.

b. Downley – nothing to report. Noted the paucity of TVAlert messages.

c. Flackwell Heath – there have been two burglaries recently. The loss of some NHW/NDSZ street signage as a result of street lighting updates was noted. The contractors had been instructed to preserve street signs.

d. Hughenden Parish – ASB in the form of noise and drug use has been reported for the Common and the PC Car Park..

e. The Mosques – a proposed meeting with Khalil Ahmed was cancelled due to his being diverted to deal with an incident involving his son. A Committee of four including Khalil Ahmed, Zia Ahmed, Zafir Iqbal and Mohammed Hanif was envisaged as the main contact point with the Muslim Community. Action: SJ, GP

7. Hughenden Parish Street Association  SJ noted that the initial contract had been renewed for a further 3 Associations under Project Manager Helen Cavell. Attendance at NapFest was considered a success with 20 people signing up for the Street Association. Action: SJ

DG noted that he had put Korinne Leney in touch with the Editor of The Grapevine in Flackwell Heath who wanted to promote the idea of Street Associations.

8. University Liaison: No further action at present. Action: GP

9. WDNHWA publicity, website etcSee Matters Arising (4.c above) regarding Publicity. Selina Jackson continues to update our website with latest information, removing old information where it has become out-of-date. Action: SelJ

10. Status of negotiations with National NHWatch, TV Police and TVNHWA E-mails between SJ, GP and Val McPherson (TVNHWA), led to agreement that the proposed Code of Ethics prepared by the National NHWatch organisation was too onerous to be practical, and would require massive administration. 3

The so-called ‘Partnership Agreement’ with NHWN attempted to transfer responsibility for maintaining the Membership Database to NHWatch. However, we insisted that this was a police responsibility.

There has been no progress regarding the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the police. Action: GP, SJ

11. WDNHWA – Committee Representation; expansion into poorly represented area. No progress to report. Action: GP

12. Forthcoming Meetings & Events  A list of forthcoming events has been issued by GP and will be posted on our website. Action: SelJ

GP noted that he was intending to give 6/7 talks on ‘Cons & Scams’ to the Red Kite Housing Association. DG would establish whether Flackwell Heath Age Concern might be a possible audience and would make enquiries. Action: GP, DG

Noted that both BT and TalkTalk have launched ‘Last Call Barring’ services in an attempt to reduce repeated Cold Calling.

13. New Products: Nothing to report. Stock of SelectaDNA had been sold out following a TVAlert promotion, and would not be replaced due to low sales. Action: GP

14. Any Other Business: John Moore, a member of his local Residents Association and a member of the Daws Hill Forum, accepted our invitation to join the Committee: Proposed: GP, Seconded: SJ, Carried: Nem Con.

SJ reported that Street Associations would be represented at the Hazlemere Fete in August displaying NHW pamphlets.  Action: SJ

DG noted that there had been a re-appearance of various ‘spoofs’ being distributed via social media, eg. ‘Egg on Windscreen’ and ‘Baby Seat by Roadside’. These ‘spoofs’ dated back to 2009 and there was no evidence of their actual use. DG also reported that he had been told of an actual ‘car-jacking’ in Morrisons petrol station. This has been reported in the Bucks Free Press.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 21.00hrs.

15. Date of the next meeting: Tuesday, 19th September 2017, 7.15pm at Flackwell Heath Community Library


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