Action Notes from committee meeting 16.5.17

Present: Stan Jones (SJ), Geoff Pegg (GP), Ian Burrell (IB), David Gresswell (DG) (Note-taker). Roger Lawson (Downley),
Visitors: John Moore (Fair-ridge & Spinney).
1. Apologies: Ray Cox (Hazlemere),, Paula Day (AC: Kingshill Grange Estate), Selina Jackson (SelJ), Doug Meredith (DM), Bill Potts (BP)
2. Chairman’s Introduction: SJ noted that whilst the Association was financially sound, we were sadly in need of some additional members on the Committee, especially from those areas of the community not currently represented. See also Minute 7e below.

3. Action Notes from 17th January 2017 meeting and Matters Arising: The item on Cyber-crime had been sent to SJ for comment, but had NOT been sent out with the final Action Notes. It would have to accompany these Action Notes. Action: SJ, GP
a. SJ noted that there had been no progress with regard to the formation of a Disraeli NAG.
b. Noted that previous references to ‘Hughenden Valley’ should more correctly be to ‘Hughenden Parish’ which includes Hughenden Valley.

4. Operations Director’s Report: The report had already been distributed to Committee members.

GP noted the item in his report relating to the failure of a Marlow resident to pass scrutiny as a Co-ordinator. In discussion, it was concluded that the problem more than likely related to the address rather than to the individual.

There was considerable discussion regarding the role of an Association President, and the identification of an appropriate candidate who might be approached. Action: All. GP noted that there were still issues relating to the VISAV database and data entry errors. One example quoted was traced to an extra space between the two elements of a road name, causing a search to fail. Action: GP
Nomenclature explained: DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) is equivalent to the old CRB (Criminal Records Bureau); CADO (Community & Diversity Officer – TVP)

5. Treasurer’s Report:
Sales to date this Year – £448.35
Gross Profit for the Year – £335.35
Operating Expenses – £170.84
Balances at Banks – £3,734.55
Cash in hand (GP) – £55.75.  Action: IB, GP. There will be a further promotion of the Card Defender when Selina is back in action. Action: GP, DG. There are no identifiable NEW sources of income on the horizon.

6. AGM Outcome: Attendance at the 2017 AGM was down on previous years, so there was a wide ranging discussion regarding how to encourage attendance. Venue, timing, guest speaker and topics are all features which influence attendance. Consideration might also be given to inviting a speaker not specifically associated with crime or crime reduction. Further thought and discussion is required. Action: All

7. Local Reports : ‘Traditional’ crime is low – or imperfectly reported. Problems relating to speeding, parking, etc. are the province of the various NAGs The main area of crime currently relates to ‘Cons & Scams’.
a. Bourne End – no report, but believed to be quiet.
b. Downley – very quiet.
c. Flackwell Heath – another postal scam relating to ‘inheritance’ was recognised by a resident. There was no way to give specific details to Action Fraud. GP believed that the role of Action Fraud was simply to produce ‘statistics’.
d. Hughenden Parish – speeding issues being dealt with by the NAG.
e. The Mosques – after many attempts to recruit onto our Committee a representative from the Mosque Committee which changes every 2 years, it has been accepted that there needs to be a strategic change. It is now intended to try and get four representatives of the Muslim community who are not necessarily on the Mosque Committee, but who are supportive of NHWatch, as a group. It would also be good to nominate one of the four to join our Committee. Action: SJ, GP

8. Hughenden Parish Street Association: SJ noted that funding had been obtained to support a Project Manager for 3 days/week which would be very helpful in developing this activity. It was intended to have a presence at the 2017 ‘NapFest’!  Action: SJ. GP noted that in his experience, participation in ‘fun events’ was not very productive.

9. University Liaison: As noted in GP’s report, our new contact at the University is Priscilla Gatto who has been signed up as a Co-ordinator. Action: GP

10. WDNHWA publicity, website etc: GP noted that our first Newsletter for a couple of years had been distributed via TVAlerts (5May17, 178522). He had been in touch with Sonia Goby and whilst it was appreciated that ‘original’ writing was not her forte, she offered expertise in compiling items for publication using input from contributors. Action: GP

11. Status of negotiations with National NHWatch, TV Police and TVNHWA: A ‘Code of Ethics’ prepared by the National NHWatch body has been rejected by TVNHWA, although TVP have insisted one is in place. We have suggested TV agree one between us.
A ‘Partnership Agreement’ between the local Associations and the National body was apparently agreed by TVP but without the Associations having a contribution so now some 15 of Associations cannot agree it. Action: SJ

12. WDNHWA – Committee Representation and expansion into poorly represented area. No progress to report. Action: GP

13. Forthcoming Meetings & Events: A list of forthcoming events has been issued by GP and will be posted on our website. Action: SelJ
GP & SJ held a meeting with Cllr David Carroll regarding the setting up of a ‘Junior Watch’ organisation, although it was not absolutely clear as to the objective of this body. Action: GP

14. New Products: Nothing to report. GP noted that he planned to discontinue stocking a number of products once stocks had been disposed of, due to lack of demand, eg. Bike Alarm, SelectaDNA. Action: GP

15. Any Other Business: There being no further business, the meeting closed at 20.45hrs.

16. Date of the next meeting:  1st August 2017, 7.15pm at Flackwell Heath Community Library

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