Activity Report 2016


We have:

  • Kept interested parties aware of our activities by Alert messages and via Twitter.
  • Enhanced and maintained our website at :
  • Succeeded in obtaining a grant of £793.00 from The Midcounties Co-op to enable us to provide NHW street signs to our schemes free of charge and copies of ‘Watch Out For Scams’ also free of charge. The Midcounties Co-op is now regarded as a sponsor of our association.
  • Held 2 general Neighbourhood Watch meetings at Godstowe School, High Wycombe.
  • Contributed to a number of local NAGs by committee membership or by chairing meetings and by attending their Chairmen’s meeting as a guest.
  • Addressed or attended 36 local community or compatible group meetings re Neighbourhood Watch and crime prevention, including several elderly groups, with due emphasis being given to cons & scams.
  • Had table displays at 7 mini-crime prevention events outside supermarkets, including some used as police Have Your Say Meetings.
  • Met the two Neighbourhood Inspectors on 2 occasions to discuss the implications of the Service Level Agreement between Thames Valley Police and Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Provided training re NHW on 2 occasions for members of the Neighbourhood Policing Team in High Wycombe.
  • Helped a local scheme by providing copies of its periodic newsletters.
  • Promoted the use of ‘No Doorstep Selling Zone’ street signs and ‘No Cold Callers’ stickers as supplied to us by Trading Standards.
  • Provided every new scheme with Neighbourhood Watch street signs free of charge out of our own resources. We have also replaced very many damaged or missing signs free of charge.
  • Held 10 table displays for recruitment and to provide crime prevention advice outside the Castlefield, Jubilee Road, and Totteridge Road Mosques during Friday prayers.
  • Met with the new Chairman of the committee relating to these three main mosques.
  • Been interviewed live on 4 occasions on Awaaz Radio, The RK Radio, Marlow FM, and Wycombe Sound, all of which are local broadcasting stations in the Wycombe District.
  • Continued our campaign to extend the presence of Neighbourhood Watch into the Muslim community in High Wycombe through the three main mosques.
  • Had 4,000 ‘Watch Out For Scams’ booklets printed at our expense.
  • Arranged for A-Plan Insurance in High Wycombe to provide discounts on household and motor insurance policies for our members and received £600 during 2016 in respect of referral fees on new policies taken out by our members via A-Plan. They are now regarded as a sponsor of our association.
  • Attended committee meetings of the Thames Valley Neighbourhood Watch Association and their AGM & Conference in 2016.
  • We continue to invite a number of people to come to our committee meetings when they can as guests. They are not able to vote at our meetings, but their news and views are just as important to us as if they were members of our committee. We would welcome the number of committee members being increased, particularly by people who can contribute something to the expansion and enhancement of Neighbourhood Watch across the district.
  • Resolved many Alert database issues and amended the database accordingly.
  • We have been involved in helping to promote a Street Association in Hughenden Parish which has an aim of helping potential victims of crime with a particular emphasis on those who feel vulnerable and isolated.
  • Emphasised at every opportunity the considerable change in the balance of crime from the traditional pattern of acquisitive crimes to the expanding and widening range of cons & scams and cyber-crime in particular. In this context, we are giving attention to the consequences of cons & scams on people with mental health issues, such as loneliness and dementia. Over half of all crime is now thought to fall into this category of cons & scams (i.e. fraud).
  • Started 17 new Neighbourhood Watch schemes with 24 Co-ordinators for those schemes and relating to a huge number of additional households across the district. This kept the total number of schemes at the end of the year at about 650 with about 1,150 Co-ordinators involved in running them. They include an estimated 48 members of the various ethnic minority communities plus 21 other nationalities that do not fall into this category. Over 90% of our database receives the Alert messages by email and we encourage more people to receive messages this way wherever possible. We estimate that our coverage of the district has doubled in the last 14/15 years. We cannot be precise, but we believe that we probably have the capacity to relate to about 25,000 households in our territory. The new schemes in 2016 include 4 retirement homes and the Stokenchurch Medical Centre – all for the benefit of the staff and, through them, the residents.
  • Remained totally self-funding from the sale of competitively priced security products.






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